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Secret Santa Sign Ups + Info [2022]

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The holiday season is slowly approaching and we are happy to announce that sign ups for our Secret Santa #event are now live! 

If you don't know what a "Secret Santa" is, then here's a conveniently placed explanation:

Secret Santa is a Christmas tradition in which members of a group are randomly assigned other members to whom they anonymously give a gift. In this case, the gift will be art, writing, or a craft! 
It's a simple and fun way to celebrate the holidays and spread cheer all around! The gifts themselves do not have to be strictly Christmas themed, so even if you do not celebrate Christmas, we encourage you to participate if you'd like!

  • Be respectful!
  • No explicit or rude behavior.
  • All gifts must be kept PG-13 (no gore, inappropriate language, or other explicit content) 
  • You must have a Pacapillar or Snekket to participate in this event. 
    • Both are available to be used for this gifting event (so anywhere it specifies a Paca, you can replace that with a Snekket if you want!).
  • This event will primarily be run through Discord, so you must have an account to sign up and receive your assignments! 
  • You must have a account to participate in this event.
    • Accounts are free! Go join now if you haven't already. It's a great place to keep track of your in-game currency and chubby worm and noodle babies! 
  • Allowed art parameters: 
    • Drawn artworks must be visibly shaded fullbodies.
    • If you are not the drawing type you may write a short story as a gift! The story must be at least 500 words long. 
    • If you are feeling adventurous and want to try your hand at a craft (such as papercraft, sculpting, etc.) all we ask is that there is visible effort on the part of the gifter! Feel free to reach out to a moderator to ask whether a certain piece you’re making would be acceptable. 
  • Once you are assigned to a user you may not change or "trade" who you are gifting. If you have a legitimate problem with the user chosen, please let a mod know. 
  • Please try to avoid signing up with a Pacapillar you are iffy on. If you trade a Pacapillar that has already joined the event (via the form) we are unable to make any changes or update your gifter about this change. 
    • If this happens please know that the new owner of the Pacapillar may receive the gift art instead of you. 
    • It is preferred that you only sign up with Pacapillars you know you love and use! 
    • You are still required to complete your half of the gift even if you trade your Pacapillar.
  • Gifts should not be revealed until December 25th! This also means that you shouldn’t post wips of your work, as much as we’re excited to see them </3
    • As we get closer to the posting date, we will let you all know the specific place to post to, so don’t worry about it not popping up or not knowing where it is!


  • We will be giving away 250 Leaflets to every person who completes a gift!
    • Be sure to submit your gift to the correct spot (which will be revealed on December 25th) on to receive your Leaflets!
  • We will be entering all entrants into a raffle, so make sure you get your piece in on time!
    • Any user who gets their piece in on time on December 25th will be qualified to enter! If you are going to be late, you MUST ask for an extension; approved extensions UP UNTIL January 1st will still be entered into the raffle, but only if they are approved first! 
  • Those who complete additional pieces pinch hitting for drop-outs will receive a 300 leaflet bonus!

  • Fill out the Google Form below before the deadline (11/19/2022).
  • The Mod team will assign all Santas randomly. We will DM you on Discord letting you know who you will be gifting!
  • Once you review your "Giftee" from us you may start the event!
  • Be sure to keep your gift a secret until Christmas Day (12/25/2022)


  • Sign ups will begin today, November 12th
  • The deadline for the form entry will be November 19th
  • Users will receive their assignments by November 20th
  • Gifts must be posted to the correct spot on the website on Christmas Day, December 25th, not before! 
  • All late/approved extension gifts must be given/revealed before January 1st, if for some reason you are going to be later, please reach out to a Mod! 


  • The deadline for dropping out without penalty is December 18th, but we prefer that users drop out earlier to give pinch hitters more time to work.
    • Please note that dropping out means you forfeit all event rewards and you will not be entered into the raffle. 
    • If dropping out beyond this point without an approved extenuating circumstance, you will be barred from participating in the next event we hold.
  • You may ask for an extension to be extended until January 1st, but please be aware that if you need an extension for after this date, you will not be entered into the raffle!
    • If you do not ask for an extension, but post after December 25th (but before January 2nd), you will not be entered into the raffle! So please let us know if you will not be able to post on the due date, so we can accomodate you.
  • To ask for an extension past January 1st (until January 8th), you must reach out to a moderator before or on that date! Otherwise, we will count you as a no-show, and allow a pinch-hitter to complete the assignment. 
    • No-shows receive the same penalty as those that drop out beyond the check in point, except they will not be allowed to participate in the next two events instead of just one, regardless of what those events are. 
  • Users who sign up and check that they would be okay with being pinch hitters will receive a small bonus for any extra completed works they do as a thank you for picking up the slack <3 
    • Due dates for pinch hitters are 2 weeks from the initial image reveal date, on January 8th
    • If you check that you’d like to be a pinch hitter, but end up not being able to when we reach out to you, that is perfectly fine! We understand that plans and how busy you are can change!


Read through everything? Here's the link to sign ups!

Please be sure to read through all the rules first!

august newsletter

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Fall is in the air...



Hello Pacammunity, and welcome to August's #general Monthly Newsletter! Presented by your's truly, Knife (ʘ‿ʘ✿) Only for this month, though! A special newscaster will be joining us as our Pacapillar host next month to help present our latest and greatest news to our wonderful community. We will have a newsletter at the beginning of every month, now, so that users can keep up to date on our latest news, see teasers for things to come, and become more involved in the group in general :) 


Design Approvals


This was announced in our discord, but as a response to the overwhelming amount of recent suggestions to halt approvals in order to focus on guides and making sure everything is up to date, we have decided to halt our design approval system for up to two months. This includes everything from myo submissions, to design updates, to our discord's design help channel. We may take less time than two months, but this is the general time period we've given for us to get all of our materials together. Having a specified time for guide making will give us more time to focus on creating and updating new and old guides, some of which were in dire need of a brand new look. The information presented in these guides will help both old and new users, and we hope they're helpful for the community! From revamped MYO and trait guides to new guides for each subspecies, we (and our lovely mod, Chura, especially) have been hard at work compiling these for you all!


Some new friendly faces!

I'd love to welcome our new mods to the team! We've been training them up this past month, and they're all here and ready to help out for the sake of the community :) The new mods, Arrow, Pon, Echo, Ryker, 2004005, and Bweepy have been studying away, and have been a great source of inspiration for the rest of the team! Pon and Greeny are primarily going to be seen moderating the discord, Ryker and Echo have been learning a ton about designs and how to interpret them (with an added bonus of being able to help out in multiple areas), and Bweepy and Arrow will be helping out with a lot of our event related moderation! Also, as a special announcement, Sketch has been promoted to Admin, and while Niv is still taking a mod vacation, they're still in our hearts <3


Speaking of the discord...


Now that our discord-related mods have been trained on all of the basics, we'll be hosting more discord games again! We'll even be having a Frankenpaca game today, at 1pm EST (courtesy of our mod, Ryker)! We plan to host at least one game per week within the discord, so make sure to head on over there in order to participate! All games will give varying amounts of currency, and the Frankenpaca that is made this week will later be available for users to offer in-game currency on :) Go on, get in there! (Only if you want to, of course.)


Certain site bugs 🐛

There is currently a bug that bars us from recycling the exclusive item limits, which will hopefully get resolved in the near future; we promise you'll be able to get more forbidden berries soon <3 Certain outstanding bugs (such as the character linking feature) are bugs we wish to hammer out, but require a much more thorough investigation. Currently, our main coder is a bit on and off in regards to availability, so certain smaller feature bugs that don't break main features of the website are being de-prioritized in favor of ones we can currently tackle while the coder is away. Thank you all for being understanding!


New monthly event on the horizon...

Starting in September, we will have a pacapillar or snekket of the month! Stay tuned for more news in the next monthly newsletter, but the monthly character will have certain incentives if they are included in your submissions, and there will be certain prizes for having your kid included.


current ongoing snekket event 

Just a small reminder that our snekket-based event, the Mirage Festival, is still ongoing, and ends on September 30th! Go here to learn more about the event, participate, and buy some cool items using the exclusive event currency, Monet Tickets! It's our introduction to snekket mutations, and you can even buy your very own snekket mutation using the tickets, so we'd love to see you all participate while the event is ongoing!


And that's a wrap! I look forward to bringing you more monthly newsletters, and can't wait for all the works you all will make this month <3

Mirage Festival Start!

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It's the Mirage Festival!!


It’s a special festival that happens every year in Chrysalopolis, in a place called “Dream Cloud”, which is an errant land mass covered with clouds that once a year gets close to Chrysalopolis. Pacas anchor it to Chrysalopolis for the festivities. It’s like making a party on a shooting star!
This year, we are having a snekket-themed celebration, to celebrate the special bond between Pacapillars and Snekkets!
Snekket-themed decorations and Snekket-friendly attractions are quite prominent this year! Don't have a Snekket? No problem! You can always bring a friend's.

How does it work?

We have made a variety of prompts that award Monet Tickets! You can use them to get various rewards from the Mirage Prize Stand
Monet Tickets are valid from today and until September 30, 2022. All unused tickets after that day will disappear.

Prompts for this event end on September 15, 2022.


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Hello Pacammunity! We have some announcements for you regarding a couple different important updates in features and beyond! 
Transfer System Changes:
All trades now have an Approval System! This means that when you transfer a paca or snekket, you must mention if it's a trade or sale. The character is then pending trade on site, and will be approved by a mod for transfer. We're hoping this will help combat the confusion on resale status for pacas/snekkets. As a reminder, characters that were traded to you cannot be sold, unless you yourself have spent money on it; the "sale value" listed on site is a legacy identifier, and does not necessarily reflect the current sale value, even if the character can currently be sold. Pacas/snekkets traded or gifted on site will lose their "can be sold" tag. Transfers are checked daily, so this shouldn't slow down user transfers beyond a couple hours, give or take!  
Shop Changes/Item Changes:
Another very important announcement: The availability of items within the shops and their tradability have been altered. The affected berries are the seasonal item, Olera berries, Dubious berry, and Forbidden berry. All three berry types have been changed to a limited amount that only restocks around twice per year, but the restocks are tied to your personal bank, and the stock is not shared by everyone on the site. Our hope is to make players feel like they can work for exclusive items without the fear of not being able to get one when our shop restocks, while balancing the rarity of certain items.
These changes have been decided based on your feedback and our team discussion. We have realized that mutations are much more common than we had anticipated, to the point it seems they are perceived as a needed feature in a design, while at the same time competing with other users to get mutation items felt unfair and detrimental for people that really wanted to obtain mutations. We want to encourage people to purchase items they really want to use and give everyone a fair chance to obtain those items, rather than it being a rush to get one, especially for those unable to stay online at that time.
This also applies to subspecies berries, but a bit differently: we have observed there are some people getting these berries with the intent to use them as trading fodder. These berries are intended to be a reward for our long time players, to give them an opportunity to make the paca of their dreams by participating in our group, instead of having it being used as a bargaining token. However, this is not meant as any sort of punishment or penalty for users who have used the system in these ways, as it is our responsibility to manage and correct the system if we see any faults with it. Thus, these changes are ones we think will actively help out the community to make things both more fair, and more positively rewarding for those who wish to engage with the ARPG (as well as balance out some rarity tiers within the tier system to be more in line with our current vision).
Worried that you will purchase an item and figure out you don't need it? Users are encouraged to utilize our #design_check channel on the discord, as well as the design update and myo submission sections on our website to ensure that their designs fit the standards needed in order to warrant the use of a berry. You are allowed to submit a myo or design update without attaching all the necessary berries, so please don't feel like you need to purchase something with the worry that you might not use it (and then get stuck with it as they are untradable). Also, although users can no longer trade certain berries, we still encourage users to trade for the currency necessary to purchase these items as part of trades, commissions, etc! 
Mod Applications:
As a small announcement, sometime in the future we will be putting out applications for new moderator positions! We are currently understaffed in certain areas, and apologize for the slowdown in activity the past couple months, but we hope to remedy this with the training of new staff!  
Timezone Quiz:
Lastly, we're trying to determine what the best time is for announcements, and other various time-related things; if you feel comfortable, please indicate what timezone you are in by using the quiz link below! Feel free to specify a specific timeframe within your timezone.

DTE - Gamer Fuel

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This DTE runs from October 5th through October 31st!
Participate for a chance to win this design!



Gamer Fuel

Electrified Monster Pacapillar. A Real Gamer.

  • Draw the design featured above! Your entry must be at least a shaded fullbody.

  • Submit your entry to this gallery (DTE - Gamer Fuel). If you do not submit your entry to this folder, it will NOT be counted for MYO prize.

  • Additionally, submit your entry to This Prompt ( Gamer Fuel). You will get 50 leaflets and one raffle ticket for the event.  This step is important to actually be entered into the raffle.

  • You may enter up to TWO times . Any additional entries will result in disqualification from the event.
  • You MUST be okay with the winner using your art in the event you do not win. 
  • Fullbody
  • Colored
  • Shaded
Not applicable for this event
  • ONE winner will be randomly chosen from all the entries to win the above design!
  • Additionally, the staff will select their two favorite entries that will earn a Snekket MYO Slot!

Halloween 2021 Events!

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New Pets added to the Halloween prompt reward pool! These new pets can be obtained by participating in the Halloween prompts
Last year's pets also are making a return, each prompt awards you a random pet!

As usual, the pets above are also available as a reward for pledging to Nokkel's Patreon


A new Draw-To-Enter event will start on October 5th. Here is a teaser for the featured design!

Discord Event!

We are holding a participation-based event on our Discord, we will be hosting games periodically where you can win prizes for on-site currency and items!

Advent Calendar!

and of course, we are holding a design advent calendar this year, with some wonderful guest artists participating ♥

Oct 11-Oct 24: Standard and Natural Subspecies Pacapillars will be sold. 

Oct. 30-31: Unnatural Subspecies auctions!

Farm ver. 2 Release

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Farm update is live!
We have entirely revamped the system in order to integrate it better to our website functionality.
Notable changes:
- Watering/feeding is now only done once every 24hr per crop/animal, so you don't need to be checking every 4 hours anymore
- Feeding/watering requirements have been adjusted for the change above, you shouldn't see any significant difference on how long it takes to harvest something.
- Slight adjustment to harvest amounts for some items
- Added a very rare chance of getting 1 gb instead of crops on all seed items
- All harvested items can now be seen in your inventory and sold directly from your inventory. This also means crops/produce are now tradeable <:
- Plot upgrade cost has been reduced
- Watering/feeding upgrades have been removed

Due to the nature of the changes, the following has also happened:
- All previous crops/produce from the previous farm have been sold automatically, leaflets should be in your account.  You can find the total received from your crops on the currency log in your profile!
- Any seeds currently grown should have been refunded and in your inventory
- Animals in the coop and barn were returned to your inventory
- Unlocked plots should be intact \ There has been a mistake in the number of plots people have vs the number they had, we are looking into this issue,

August-September DTE [WINNERS]

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This DTE ran from August 2nd through September 12!
Participate for a chance to win this design!


- results - 

Thank you for joining the DTE! 

The tropical chameleon has now been rolled!
Congratulations to crows-blade for winning this baby!
Check out the site roll here:

Thank you to everyone who has participated in the DTE!
With such amazing art, to celebrate the amazing entries, we have pooled the entries together
to decide on two winners for a Snekket MYO as a runner-up prize!

- info - 

Tropical Chameleon

This baby has Ultra Tail AND Chameleon mutations!

  • Draw the design featured above! Your entry must be at least a shaded fullbody.

  • Submit your entry to this gallery (August-September DTE). If you do not submit your entry to this folder, it will NOT be counted for MYO prize.

  • Additionally, submit your entry to This Prompt ( Tropical Chameleon). You will get 50 leaflets and one raffle ticket for the event.  This step is important to actually be entered into the raffle.

  • You may enter up to TWO times . Any additional entries will result in disqualification from the event.
  • You MUST be okay with the winner using your art in the event you do not win. 
  • Fullbody
  • Colored
  • Shaded
Not applicable for this event
  • ONE winner will be randomly chosen from all the entries to win the above design!
  • Additionally, the staff will select their two favorite entries that will earn a Snekket MYO Slot!

Pet gacha + Trait updates

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Hello everyone!
Here is a news bulletin with some important information about trait changes! Please make sure you’re with these news in their entirety!

Pet gacha is live!

The Pet Gacha is currently running on our discord server, we are holding this event to gather funds for our site development. If you’re interested please check out our Discord server announcements, this event runs until October 10th. Below is a picture of the pool for this gacha!


Trait changes

After thoughtful discussion we have decided to make some adjustments to some traits for Pacapillars.

These changes will be in effect starting on September 15, 1 pm CST, these will NOT affect any Pacapillars submitted before then :
♦ Octo-body is now Mutation+ rarity.
♦ Please be mindful of the following sub-species free and forbidden mutations changes: 

Subspecies Type Free Traits
(These mutations no longer need an Olera Berry)
Forbidden Traits
(These mutations are not allowed)
Gilled Multi-texture, Chameleon Octo Body, Pincers, Slug Body, Object Body
Gilleds will now require at least one large set of fins.
Poison Eye mutations (spider eyes, no eyes, cyclops, body eyes), Shedding, Animation (tail-specific animation only) Pincers that are larger than one body height, Slug Body, Octo Body
Shelled Shedding, Animation Octo Body, any kind of Tails, Object Body, Segmentation
Winged Chameleon, Shedding Fins, Pincers that are larger than one body height
Monsters Multi-texture, Eye mutations (spider eyes, no eyes, cyclops, body eyes), Animation Octo Body, Fins, Slug Body, Paws. 
Monsters will also now be required to have an exposed core as well as at least set of pincers larger than one body height. (More details coming soon)

♦ When submitting a sub-species MYO that has a trait that would not be considered a mutation, please include the appropriate trait. ex: Spider Eyes (Poison) for a Poison pacapillar instead of Spider Eyes

The following changes are effective immediately:
♦ Object shedding and texture shedding are now considered the same trait.
♦ Ultra (multiple) Tails and Ultra Single Tail are now considered the same trait.
♦ Standard pincers can only have simple, small pincers (rounded/triangular in shape), Subspecies pacapillars can have semi-complex pincers, while monsters have no restrictions on shape and detail.
♦ Glitch mutation has been replaced with a new Mutation+ trait called “Overlay” and has been properly labeled as such, more information on this mutation will be available soon.

Post-Hiatus Update!

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Hiatus has ended; here are some of the changes to expect.


You can now submit designs for your MYO slots, as well as submit your existing pacas for trait or design updates! There are a few important things to keep in mind

1. Be patient! We are a limited team and will not be able to handle a backlog of pacapillars to all be approved in 1-2 days. We will try our best to get to all pacapillars in a timely manner, but there are often cases when we have to discuss specific pacapillars, which could take a bit longer to get approved. 

2. Do not submit all your MYOs and design updates at once! While we ease back into approvals, we request that everyone submit design updates and MYOs one at a time (submit one and wait for it to be approved before submitting another). This will eventually be lifted as we get back to normal. 

During hiatus, we have discussed and worked on making sure there is a clear visual difference between subspecies, mutations and traits, so please be aware that you may be asked to change your design or required items if it was not approved on discord post-corewarming


with regard to design updates, you will still be able to submit untraited pacapillars to add traits to them, but making any updates to the masterlist art or design will require you to follow the rules

We appreciate your patience as we update the pages on site to make design rules more clear and the site easier to navigate!