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18 March 2020 (3 years ago)
Paca Police

User F.A.Q.

  • Can I draw your Pacapillars/Snekkets?
    • Every gift art is appreciated! Please be careful with their details, accessories and markings ♡
  • Can I write about your Pacapillars/Snekkets?
    • Please ask me about their personalities first! I'm quite picky on how they are conveyed in stories!
  • Can I DM you about something?
    • If it's related to the species, please redirect yourself to our help zones in the Discord server. Otherwise feel free to!


Echo (She / Her)
Hellu! I am Echo and I love Unicorns, Piñatas, Bunnies, Ducks and Mint Chocolate.
I also love collecting Pacas and Snekkets and creating stories for them. Most of my babies are forever homed, so please do not offer on them! ♡
2661 Leaflets
93 Golden Berry
5 Shhroom
Olera Berry
Olera Berry



Pufflettes Avatar
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p-paca??? paca...p...pp...paca...

2021-10-30 14:55:16 (Edited 2021-10-30 15:21:29)

OssuaryAmbience Avatar
OssuaryAmbience Staff Member
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UwU your page has been blessed by the spoopy one
I'm here to haunt u and give your Pacas candy

2021-09-18 19:48:28 (Edited 2021-09-20 13:58:23)

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2020-10-20 13:17:34 (Edited 2020-11-29 18:13:28)

Pix Avatar
Pix Staff Member

why arent you that nice to me lushie senpai uwu

2020-10-20 13:20:51

Pix Avatar
Pix Staff Member
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lies down among your pacas

Just bury me in the Wromr

2020-10-20 13:16:50 (Edited 2020-11-29 18:13:34)

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