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Happy almost Holidays Everyone!

Howdy folks, and thank you all for sticking around for the winter! We are happy to announce that signups for our yearly Secret Santa event are now live! 


If you don't know what a "Secret Santa" is, then here's a conveniently placed explanation:

Secret Santa is a Christmas tradition in which members of a group are randomly assigned other members to whom they anonymously give a gift. In this case, the gift will be art, writing, or a craft! 

It's a simple and fun way to celebrate the holidays and spread cheer all around! The gifts themselves do not have to be strictly Christmas themed, so even if you do not celebrate Christmas, we encourage you to participate if you'd like!

Like any event, there are some rules that should be followed:
  • Be respectful!
  • No explicit or rude behavior.
  • All gifts must be kept PG-13 (no gore, inappropriate language, or other explicit content) 
  • You must have a Pacapillar or Snekket to participate in this event. 
    • Both are available to be used for this gifting event (so anywhere it specifies a paca, you can replace that with a Snekket if you want!).
  • This event will primarily be run through Discord, so you must have an account to sign up and receive your assignments! 
  • You must have a account to participate in this event.
    • Accounts are free! Go join now if you haven't already. It's a great place to keep track of your in-game currency and chubby worm babies! 
  • Allowed art parameters: 
    • Drawn artwork must be visibly shaded fullbodies.
    • If you are not the drawing type you may write a short story as a gift! The story must be at least 500 words long. 
    • If you are feeling adventurous and want to try your hand at a craft (such as papercraft, sculpting, etc.) all we ask is that there is visible effort on the part of the gifter! Feel free to reach out to a moderator to ask whether a certain piece you’re making would be acceptable. 
  • Once you are assigned to a user you may not change or "trade" who you are gifting. If you have a legitimate problem with the user chosen, please let a mod know. 
  • Please try to avoid signing up with a Pacapillar you are iffy on. If you trade a Pacapillar that has already joined the event (via the form) we are unable to make any changes or update your gifter about this change. 
    • If this happens please know that the new owner of the Pacapillar may receive the gift art instead of you. 
    • It is preferred that you only sign up with Pacapillars you know you love and use! 
    • You are still required to complete your half of the gift even if you trade your Pacapillar.
  • Gifts should not be revealed until December 25th! This also means that you shouldn’t post wips of your work, as much as we’re excited to see them </3
    • As we get closer to the posting date, we will let you all know the specific place to post to, so don’t worry about it not popping up or not knowing where it is!


  • We will be giving away 150 Leaflets to every person who completes a gift! 
    • Be sure to submit your gift to the correct spot (which will be revealed on December 25th) on to receive your Leaflets!
    • Depending on how quickly we are able to implement new site features, this will either be a new prompt labeled for the event, or a sub-gallery!
  • We will be entering all entrants into a super cool raffle, so make sure you get your piece in on time! 
    • Any user who gets their piece in on time on December 25th will be qualified to enter! If you are going to be late, you MUST ask for an extension; approved extensions UP UNTIL January 1st will still be entered into the raffle, but only if they are approved first! 
  • Those who complete additional pieces pinch hitting for drop-outs will receive a 200 leaflet bonus!

What you need to do:
  • Fill out the Google Form below before the deadline (11/24/2020).
  • The Mod team will assign all Santas randomly. We will DM you on Discord letting you know who you will be gifting!
  • Once you review your "Giftee" from us you may start the event!
  • Be sure to keep your gift a secret until Christmas Day (12/25/2020)

Important Dates:
  • Sign ups will begin today, November 20th
  • The deadline for form entry will be November 24th
  • Users will receive their assignments by November 26th
  • Gifts must be posted to the correct spot on the website on Christmas Day, December 25th, not before! 
  • All late/approved extension gifts must be given/revealed before January 1st, if for some reason you are going to be later, please reach out to a Mod! 


Dropping out | Extensions | Pinch Hitters:
  • The deadline for dropping out without penalty is December 18th, but we prefer that users drop out earlier to give pinch hitters more time to work.
    • Please note that dropping out means you forfeit all event rewards and you will not be entered into the raffle. 
    • If dropping out beyond this point without an approved extenuating circumstance, you will be barred from participating in the next event we hold.
  • You may ask for an extension to be extended until January 1st, but please be aware that if you need an extension for after this date, you will not be entered into the raffle!
    • If you do not ask for an extension, but post after December 25th (but before January 2nd), you will not be entered into the raffle! So please let us know if you will not be able to post on the due date, so we can accomodate you.
  • To ask for an extension past January 1st, you must reach out to a moderator before or on that date! Otherwise, we will count you as a no-show, and allow a pinch-hitter to complete the assignment. 
    • No-shows receive the same penalty as those that drop out beyond the check in point, except they will not be allowed to participate in the next two events instead of just one, regardless of what those events are. 
  • Users who sign up and check that they would be okay with being pinch hitters will receive a small bonus for any extra completed works they do as a thank you for picking up the slack <3 
    • Due dates for pinch hitters are 2 weeks from the initial image reveal date, on January 9th
    • If you check that you’d like to be a pinch hitter, but end up not being able to when we reach out to you, that is perfectly fine! We understand that plans and how busy you are can change!

Read through everything? Here's the link to signups!


Wrapping up + Updates

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That's a wrap!

First of all, thank you for participating in our halloween prompts and events we hope you had a lot of fun this year and that you stay to have even more fun with us ^^

As of the announcement, the following has happened


We are working on updating all Mutation+ and Mutation pacapillars to show their actual rarity (Common, Rare and SR). If you see this change, fret not, this doesn't change affect pacapillar what-so-ever.

Revamping ga applications

We will be updating the GA applications to include the option to do auctions for Leaflets and GB. Because of this option, the application is also available to minors now!

Apply Here!

GENERAL site updates

  • Farm adjustements have been made. All animals and crops now require about half the amount of waterings they previously required to be harvestable! Due to this change, some crops may be at 100%+ progress now.
  • The non-limited stock Mystery Core has been moved to the Alley Shop, it costs 30 GB!
  • Fragaria, Psidium, Ripe Commeli, and Olera berries have had their price increased
  • The cash shop has been restocked!
  • The shelter has been moved to the website and implemented in a way that's easier for both moderators and users to use. This includes an automatic adoption system so you don't need to wait for your request to be processed! (Surrendering still needs approval from a mod, but it should be approved and done much faster this way)
These changes allow us for the farm to be a more useful tool in the process of gaining leaflets, and we also get more room to offer more alternatives to get them without throwing things off balance. Of course, we are always watching and learning from your feedback, so please know any changes we make might not be final and, as the site evolves, we will make the necessary adjustments to make sure compensation does not feel unfair. As for what's coming, we have some very interesting things in mind!
We expect these to be coming between November and December (for site features please bear in mind development may not 100% meet these timeframes) 
  • Galleries for the site and characters are also coming sometime soon!
  • Companion gacha is being held around mid-November, some new pets will be available in it too!
  • Coming in December: Another advent + Christmas Prompts!
  • Free Gifts feature coming soon! Which is basically just a tab where we may leave gifts for everyone to claim during a specific timeframe on special events ^^

Some extra tidbits with no set timeframe

  • While I can't give information or details about this, I'd like to take a moment to say we know a lot of us wish companions were more interactive and had a purpose beyond collectibles. There's some plans already in motion regarding this, and it's probably going to take a while, but I wanted to make sure you know we hear you! 
  • Again, can't give a lot of details, but we have noticed a lot of players really want to see more of Snekkets  As usual, thank you for your continued support, we hope we can continue to make more fun things for you in the future.
If the farm tells you it's "too soon to water" for crops, try refreshing the page a couple of times after trying to water! It's probably gonna be fixed next watering cycle, but crops will either be above 100% or auto-harvested


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Hey all!

Don't miss this FREE PACAPILLAR Nokkel is giving away over on the discord server!!!

Ends today



Do a big click here to enter! 

(or find it in our server under OFFICIAL MARKET > Suprise!)

Halloween Advent 2020

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Hello everyone! We are finally here to bring you news regarding this year's halloween advent!
The dates are scheduled as follows:


Sales from October 15 to October 28 are poison and hard-shelled pacapillars, after that we'll be posting monster auctions between the 29th and the 31st!

All of these will be auctions and we will be posting them on the Sales tab, so make sure you have an account if you are wanting to participate! We are super excited for you to see the designs we have prepared for you ♥ 

Halloween Event!

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Hello everyone! We are super excited to reveal this month's plans! Our Halloween-themed prompts are live right now, and with them we are also revealing an exciting lineup of new halloween-themed pets!They will be available only for a limited time, so make sure to get those prompts in >:3 


Check out the halloween prompts here!

We hope you have a lot of fun doing them ♥ 

Additionally, we will be holding a few halloween auctions starting on October 15th! There's some guest artists to be featured in the sales >:3 more details on it later!

Additionally, the Secret Shop has opened! This is a way to thank our patrons and supporters that have kindly helped us fund the site and our livelyhoods.

Shhrooms are a reward for buying companion gacha rolls, or for trading in gold berries through Nokkel or Tori's Patreons.

Welcome to The Farm!

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We have some exciting news! Our brand new Farm feature is live! To unlock it, you will need to complete the corresponding ARPG prompt. There are three prompts in total, each unlocks a different tab:

Sowing Friendship (Crops)
Barn Pursuit! (Barn)
Coop Miracle (Coop)

Currently, only baas and moffs can be used for the barn, while kips can be used for the coop! Starting today, you can buy them on the Leaflet shop for 500 leaflets each!
You will be able to get leaflets by watering your crops and feeding your animals. We hope this new feature is as exciting for you as it is for us!

We have made a discord channel to report bugs, please check it out in #site-bugs, or you can report bugs using the help desk! Make sure you include the URL of the page causing the issue, as well screenshots and a detailed description of the problem you experienced.
Thank you very much for being part of the community! We hope to keep bringing more exciting things in the future!
Stay tuned for a halloween-related announcement tomorrow :3 !

New Flash Prompt is Live!

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There is a new Flash Prompt! Check it out here!

"This Really Socks is our current Flash Prompt! You can see the details in the prompt page.

New Flash Prompt is live!

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There is a new Flash Prompt! Check it out here!

"This Really Socks" is our current Flash Prompt! You can see the details in the prompt page.

New Flash Prompt is live!

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There is a new Flash Prompt! Check it out here!

"Movie Poster" is our current Flash Prompt! You can see the details in the prompt page.

New Flash Prompt is live!

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There is a new Flash Prompt! Check it out here!

"Palette Challenge #3" is our current Flash Prompt! You can see the details in the prompt page.