Alley Shop



You find this dark alley near the berry shop and you decide to venture in. There is a makeshift tent with some old display shelves with mysterious items you have never seen before. Judging by the signs, you assume this is a shop, but the prices don't seem to be in Leaflets...  what is this place?


Darry Quietly Watches you While you browse.

Upgrade Items
Blissful Elixir
Cost: 150
Deadly Elixir
Cost: 150
Cost: 30
Fragaria Berry
Cost: 20
Mystery Core
Cost: 30
Nautical Elixir
Cost: 100
Noxious Elixir
Cost: 100
Olera Berry
Cost: 30
Stock: 9
Psidium Berry
Cost: 15
Ripe Olera
Cost: 60
Stock: 4
Spiral Elixir
Cost: 100