Post-Hiatus Update!

Posted 2 years ago :: Last edited 2 years ago by Nokkelborth

Hiatus has ended; here are some of the changes to expect.


You can now submit designs for your MYO slots, as well as submit your existing pacas for trait or design updates! There are a few important things to keep in mind

1. Be patient! We are a limited team and will not be able to handle a backlog of pacapillars to all be approved in 1-2 days. We will try our best to get to all pacapillars in a timely manner, but there are often cases when we have to discuss specific pacapillars, which could take a bit longer to get approved. 

2. Do not submit all your MYOs and design updates at once! While we ease back into approvals, we request that everyone submit design updates and MYOs one at a time (submit one and wait for it to be approved before submitting another). This will eventually be lifted as we get back to normal. 

During hiatus, we have discussed and worked on making sure there is a clear visual difference between subspecies, mutations and traits, so please be aware that you may be asked to change your design or required items if it was not approved on discord post-corewarming


with regard to design updates, you will still be able to submit untraited pacapillars to add traits to them, but making any updates to the masterlist art or design will require you to follow the rules

We appreciate your patience as we update the pages on site to make design rules more clear and the site easier to navigate! 



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