Farm ver. 2 Release

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Farm update is live!
We have entirely revamped the system in order to integrate it better to our website functionality.
Notable changes:
- Watering/feeding is now only done once every 24hr per crop/animal, so you don't need to be checking every 4 hours anymore
- Feeding/watering requirements have been adjusted for the change above, you shouldn't see any significant difference on how long it takes to harvest something.
- Slight adjustment to harvest amounts for some items
- Added a very rare chance of getting 1 gb instead of crops on all seed items
- All harvested items can now be seen in your inventory and sold directly from your inventory. This also means crops/produce are now tradeable <:
- Plot upgrade cost has been reduced
- Watering/feeding upgrades have been removed

Due to the nature of the changes, the following has also happened:
- All previous crops/produce from the previous farm have been sold automatically, leaflets should be in your account.  You can find the total received from your crops on the currency log in your profile!
- Any seeds currently grown should have been refunded and in your inventory
- Animals in the coop and barn were returned to your inventory
- Unlocked plots should be intact \ There has been a mistake in the number of plots people have vs the number they had, we are looking into this issue,



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for the farm

2021-09-27 09:16:44

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heyo! do you know how to get a password? because I don't know how, I looked for help, I don't know what to do anymore qwq, that was my purpose when I discovered it.

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