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Hello Pacammunity! We have some announcements for you regarding a couple different important updates in features and beyond! 
Transfer System Changes:
All trades now have an Approval System! This means that when you transfer a paca or snekket, you must mention if it's a trade or sale. The character is then pending trade on site, and will be approved by a mod for transfer. We're hoping this will help combat the confusion on resale status for pacas/snekkets. As a reminder, characters that were traded to you cannot be sold, unless you yourself have spent money on it; the "sale value" listed on site is a legacy identifier, and does not necessarily reflect the current sale value, even if the character can currently be sold. Pacas/snekkets traded or gifted on site will lose their "can be sold" tag. Transfers are checked daily, so this shouldn't slow down user transfers beyond a couple hours, give or take!  
Shop Changes/Item Changes:
Another very important announcement: The availability of items within the shops and their tradability have been altered. The affected berries are the seasonal item, Olera berries, Dubious berry, and Forbidden berry. All three berry types have been changed to a limited amount that only restocks around twice per year, but the restocks are tied to your personal bank, and the stock is not shared by everyone on the site. Our hope is to make players feel like they can work for exclusive items without the fear of not being able to get one when our shop restocks, while balancing the rarity of certain items.
These changes have been decided based on your feedback and our team discussion. We have realized that mutations are much more common than we had anticipated, to the point it seems they are perceived as a needed feature in a design, while at the same time competing with other users to get mutation items felt unfair and detrimental for people that really wanted to obtain mutations. We want to encourage people to purchase items they really want to use and give everyone a fair chance to obtain those items, rather than it being a rush to get one, especially for those unable to stay online at that time.
This also applies to subspecies berries, but a bit differently: we have observed there are some people getting these berries with the intent to use them as trading fodder. These berries are intended to be a reward for our long time players, to give them an opportunity to make the paca of their dreams by participating in our group, instead of having it being used as a bargaining token. However, this is not meant as any sort of punishment or penalty for users who have used the system in these ways, as it is our responsibility to manage and correct the system if we see any faults with it. Thus, these changes are ones we think will actively help out the community to make things both more fair, and more positively rewarding for those who wish to engage with the ARPG (as well as balance out some rarity tiers within the tier system to be more in line with our current vision).
Worried that you will purchase an item and figure out you don't need it? Users are encouraged to utilize our #design_check channel on the discord, as well as the design update and myo submission sections on our website to ensure that their designs fit the standards needed in order to warrant the use of a berry. You are allowed to submit a myo or design update without attaching all the necessary berries, so please don't feel like you need to purchase something with the worry that you might not use it (and then get stuck with it as they are untradable). Also, although users can no longer trade certain berries, we still encourage users to trade for the currency necessary to purchase these items as part of trades, commissions, etc! 
Mod Applications:
As a small announcement, sometime in the future we will be putting out applications for new moderator positions! We are currently understaffed in certain areas, and apologize for the slowdown in activity the past couple months, but we hope to remedy this with the training of new staff!  
Timezone Quiz:
Lastly, we're trying to determine what the best time is for announcements, and other various time-related things; if you feel comfortable, please indicate what timezone you are in by using the quiz link below! Feel free to specify a specific timeframe within your timezone.


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