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Welcome to the first Pacapillar Core Warming event! In this event, participants will be able to apply pairings of Pacapillars to be chosen for Core Warming batches. These batches of designs will take traits and looks from the two ‘parent’ Pacapillars and bring to life a new unique Pacapillar! Or two, or three, or FIVE! More will be explained below!

Essentially, breed designs are back! This time with a fun and interactive twist. The Pacapillars team as well as a selected group of guest artists have come together to create new fusion designs based on your choice of Pacapillar couples! Each coupling can produce three to five new fusion-like designs with traits inherited from both parents (RNG BASED).

From the Core Warming batches, some unselected designs will be pooled into a flaffle (flatsale raffle) which will run at the end of each wave!
Without further ado, please follow along for more details about each part of this event.
(click each header below to read that section)



Core Warming will run throughout this summer! We’ll start with the pre-event week which will allow potential participants to prepare their pairings and plan ahead! We’ll be able to answer questions during this week as well (we’ll answer questions throughout the event but it is best to get them in during the prep week).

Wave 1 will begin with a separate post which will accept completed applications! Once a good number of applications are submitted (and they can continuously be submitted throughout the Wave 1 period) artists will begin selecting their preferred pairings to work on.

At the end of Wave 1, all chosen applications will be wrapped up and remaining designs will be sent to the participants for choosing. Designs are sent to the applicants as batches are completed throughout the wave. All unselected designs from the batches will be flatsale-raffled off! More details on the flatsale-raffle can be found below.

After wrapping up Wave 1, there will be 1 week of intermission. During this time, no applications will be submitted and the event will be on hold to give a buffer for moderators and artists to organize submissions for the masterlist. There may be slight adjustments between waves in order to optimize the event experience for both participants and moderators. Thank you for understanding.

Wave 2 begins after intermission and will accept applications on opening. This application period will also be on a separate post to flush out the accepted applications from Wave 1. Wave 2 will run similarly and will end with a flaffle of the unselected batch designs. Unused wave 1 applications can be resubmitted for wave 2 if the participants wish to do so.

At the end of the second wave, there will be a rec week for participating artists and mods to have fun and test out some breed designs! This is a separate week to celebrate their efforts in bringing this event to life as they are not going to be allowed to submit pairings for the first two waves. This is to ensure that the members are given ample chance to apply and be selected.

  1. You must have explicit permission from the owner(s) of each design applied before filling out an application with a pairing. Have the owners reply to your application to confirm.
  2. Applications are submitted on the basis that the applicant(s) intends to pay. You may apply more than once and can void other applications if one of your previous ones are selected but please prepare payment before applying.
  3. Priority selection is 10 USD more than second selection. If an applicant pays a priority selection price, they get first design pick no matter what. Payments have a difference in 10 USD to avoid disputes over design selections.
  4. Applicants can submit solo applications (where they front the full cost of the batch) and they can receive up to 2 designs from a batch. Otherwise, two applicants must coordinate and pay together and receive 1 design each.
  5. Payments are accepted via Paypal to the respective batch artist that selects the application.
  6. Designs not selected from the Core Warming batches will be pooled into a flatsale raffle. Applicants do not have control over who ends up owning the design thereafter and applicants must agree to these terms before being selected.
  7. Guilting or pressuring members for their Pacapillar designs will absolutely not be tolerated and you will be suspended from the event without warning. Same goes for pressuring participating artists to select your application. Don’t do it.

Bases will be updated as completed! 
Open the image in a new tab in order to see the images more clearly.












This Core Warming event has multiple customizable batch types. Each batch type has a different price. Batches will be between 3 and 5 Pacapillar designs. You may not request more or fewer. Each applicant (if there are 2) can choose 1 Pacapillar design from the batch. If there is a solo applicant, they can choose 2 designs.

Other than quantity, you can also customize the trait chances. There are three different kinds of chance modifiers: Bronze, Silver, and Gold status. Bronze is as it sounds- traits rolled will depend on a full dice. Silver will bump your chances of rarer traits by ~50%. Gold will boost the trait chances by an even more substantial amount, with rare and common traits being guaranteed, and anything above that (SR, Mutation, Mutation+) being heavily favored in rolls .


Runts are an extra paca created by toripng for random batches throughout the event, for pairings where the parents opt-in to allowing them! Runt traits are rolled separately from the main batch, and not every batch will have a runt! These pacas are also flaffle/raffle exclusive; the parents can enter to win the runt but cannot choose the runt when selecting offspring from their batch!

Check out the chart below for pricing details:

Bronze Tier (up to chance)
Any Pacapillar allowed!

Trio Batch - 3 offspring designs (2 owned, 1 pooled)
Price: 100 USD (or 55/45 per participant/owner)

Quad Batch - 4 offspring designs (2 owned, 2 pooled)
Price: 120 USD (or 65/55 per participant/owner)

Star Batch - 5 offspring designs (2 owned, 3 pooled)
Price: 140 USD (or 75/65 per participant/owner)

Silver Tier (rarer traits favored)
No Unnatural Sub-species allowed!

Trio Batch + - 3 offspring designs (2 owned, 1 pooled)
Base Price: 150 USD (or 80/70 per participant/owner)

Quad Batch - 4 offspring designs (2 owned, 2 pooled)
Base Price: 175 USD (or 92.50/82.50 per participant/owner)

Star Batch - 5 offspring designs (2 owned, 3 pooled)
Base Price: 200 USD (or 105/95 per participant/owner)

Gold Tier (maxes out rarity on traits)
No Sub-species allowed!

Trio Batch  - 3 offspring designs (2 owned, 1 pooled)
Base Price: 210 USD (or 110/100 per participant/owner)

Quad Batch - 4 offspring designs (2 owned, 2 pooled)
Base Price: 240 USD (or 125/115 per participant/owner)

Star Batch - 5 offspring designs (2 owned, 3 pooled)
Base Price: 300 USD (or 155/145 per participant/owner)

Split Traits (new)
Pairings involving splits will not be able to roll the split trait by default. 
However, there will be a special option to pay for a guaranteed split (maximum of ONE split paca) per batch. 
This is if you have a Pacapillar parent with the split trait already existing.
This is an additional pricing, which means you pay for this on top of the batch price.

Guaranteed Split - +40 USD on top of the batch price


Traits are rolled based on the parents’ traits but some might have lineage effects.

Normally, a trait rolled will either allot 1 of that trait to the batch if successful and none if unsuccessful but some traits have lineage. This means that a low roll might reward a trait similar to the one being rolled for based on the trait origin. For example, here is a lineage tree:


So from this, one parent has the (Nat Sub) Gilled trait. This trait has a full lineage tree. Under bronze, it is more likely to roll SR through C. With silver, there are better chances for Nat Sub and for Mutations. With gold, the trait rolled will always be highest. You don’t have to worry about rolling for traits though, traits will be rolled for artists by moderators.

These rolls happen for all notable traits per parent, rolled once for each design in the batch. For example, if someone orders a batch of 4, (Nat Sub) Gilled trait will be rolled for 4 times. This could result in something like:

- (Nat Sub) Gilled x 1
- (Mut) Pincers x 1
- (R) Frills x 1
- (C) Sponge Texture x 1

However! If both parents have a similar trait, outside of the maxed out tier, 2 of that trait will be guaranteed for the batch. So, for example, if two parent Pacapillars have the (Mut) Pincers trait, the first two rolls will be guaranteed as max- two Pacapillars in the batch will have Pincers.

You’re probably wondering how the rest of the traits get filled if there isn’t enough to cover all parts of the Pacapillar. Artists are allowed freedom for C-SR traits for feelers and nubs and are allowed to use either parent texture(s) on the offspring designs. Lineage can unlock extra textures to use as well.

Ultimately it is up to the artist how these traits are stacked or used on the offspring designs so please do not be disappointed if they turn out different than what you are expecting. Traits are not guaranteed under any circumstances. Do not harass artists or mods over the results of your breed batch.

  1. Prepare a Pacapillar pairing. Maybe check out the [Discord] to chat with other members looking for pairing opportunities.
  2. Once you have a pair (2) of Pacapillars to apply, first, check their masterlist entry on and if they are missing traits, please request a quick update either on [Discord] or in the comments section below. This is ONLY for Pacapillars you intend to use in the event.
  3. Fill out the following application. Please note that the application cap per wave is 4. If you apply with another person (each gets one paca) then that counts as 1 entry for both of you, but if you do any pairing (regardless of paca owner) where 1 person receives both children, that counts as 2 entries for the person receiving it. If someone volunteers a paca for a pairing in which they are not receiving a child, that will not count as an entry towards their 4. In general, you count your number of entries by the amount of potential children you will be receiving out of all of your applications in total for that wave.

**Play.pacas Username(s):** (usernames here)
**Discord Username(s):** (usernames with the #number here)
**Pacapillar Parent 1:** (masterlist link)
**Pacapillar Parent 2:** (masterlist link)
**Batch Quantity:** (3-5)
**Batch Type:** (Bronze, Silver, or Gold)
**Paca distribution:** (which one or two users are getting to pick/keep the offspring)
**Preferred Artists:** (list artists or put no preference; no preference will give better chances of your application being selected)
**Proof of permission to use the above Pacapillar designs for this event:** (replies or screenshots or just type “owner” if you are the owner)
**Approval for a Runt to be created from your batch:** (yes or no)
**Guarantee a Split Trait:** (yes or no -- only applies if a Pacapillar Parent has the split trait mutation and will cost an extra $40. Please take note that only ONE split will be rolled, it cannot be rolled twice.)
**By applying for this event, you are agreeing to the terms and rules listed for the event. Designs are up to interpretation by the artist and are not full customs. You do not get to mandate where the remaining designs go or who they belong to in post. You should be prepared to pay when an artist selects your application, you are responsible for voiding other applications if you cannot afford multiple. Please type “agree” if you fully acknowledge these terms:** (type agree)

Where to apply: not on this post. This post is for questions and concerns which we will answer during prep/pre-event week! Core Warming Applications Submissions Post will be created a week from now. Please wait for the Core Warming Applications Submissions Post to submit an application.

The application submission post will be linked here once created!


For your viewing pleasure and to get a better idea of the results of this kind of event, please check out the following test batches!



  • Monsters and Winged Pacapillars are allowed participation in this event.
    • You can't do Monsters x Winged.
    • You can do Monster x Monster, Winged x Winged.
  • If your Pacapillar has Hollo disease, in lore, they are unable to breed.
    • However, they will be allowed in the event with no Hollo offspring or contagion slots.
  • Cross Sub-species are not allowed in this event, they will not appear in the batch results.
  • Design changes are not allowed until the Pacapillar design has been uploaded to the masterlist. This will take time so please be patient.
  • Just note that in general, masterlist uptake will take a while for this event. We enter entries manually so please be patient. We’re not going to tolerate comments about slow masterlist updates.
  • This is an RNG-BASED thing.

Q: So I don’t get all of the kids?
A: Each parent only gets 1 of the kids (or one parent gets both kids, if one person pays for both!)

Q: Can I use pacas that I don’t own?
A: Yes, so long as you have documented permission to use them (screenshots or the owner replying to your application message)

Q: Can I use Snekkets? 
A: No, only Pacapillars are allowed to be used in this breeding event! 

Q: Can I use forms?
A: No, only the base Paca may breed. If you have a subspecies form, or a form that includes traits not on the base paca, none of those traits will be eligible to be passed down to any of the children.

Q: Can someone else pay for me/my batch?
A: Yes, so long as you specify who is paying for the batch, and who is receiving the pacas!

Q: Why am I paying more than my partner?
A: Whoever pays more will get first pick on their pacapillar! This is to ensure that there is no in-fighting or discrepancies about who gets which paca. 

Q: My partner picked the one I want/the only paca with the trait from my paca!
A: As stated in the previous question, whoever pays more will get first pick. We, the mod team, will not mediate any conflicts that go on behind closed doors, as it is the parents’ responsibility to hash things out.

Q: I paid for a higher tier but still didn’t get the trait I wanted! 
A: The Silver and Gold tiers still do not fully guarantee traits (only boosts them), so please be aware that traits in these tiers are still rolled! There will only be 2 guaranteed instances of a trait if both parents have it (which applies to subspecies as well). 

Q: Our pacas didn’t have that trait, so how does the child have it?
A: Many traits have lineage lines! For eg., if, out of two parents, one of the parents has the standard version of the mirror trait, they also have the chance of passing on the bioluminescence trait! These trait lineages are not published, so on top of the normal traits your paca has, it also has the potential to pass on other hidden traits!

Q: Why are subspecies pacas only allowed in certain tiers?
A: This is because they are the rarest, and we will be preserving their rarity to counteract the flood of new pacas being made. We strive to keep a balanced market for the ARPG items as well, so this is to ensure we don’t need to re-balance the dubious and forbidden berries!

Q: So even if we breed 2 unnatural subspecies pacas together, there’s only one guaranteed subspecies baby?
A: For the same reasons as the question above, yes, this is correct! However, this will only happen if both pacas are the same subspecies (two monsters will give one monster offspring)

Q: Why is my pairing not getting picked?
A: Picked pairings are up to the artists, which means that they are free to pick up pairings that interest them. Moderators will do their best to make sure that the maximum number of people are picked up at least once, but users can boost their chances by listing out more artists! If a majority of people only list one or two artists as their only pairings they would want to do their Corewarming batch, then it is unlikely that the artist(s) will be able to get to everyone. 

Q: Can I message guest artists to convince them to pick my pairings?
A: Please do not do this! GA’s are not under any obligation to take any specific pairings, and anyone found doing this or behaving inappropriately towards GA’s may be banned from the event! 

Q: Can I request certain traits, colors, or markings on my batch from a guest artist?
A: Guest artists do not control which traits they are allowed to use for a batch, and have been given a set of restrictions for colors/markings. Beyond these, they are under no obligation to use any specific colors/markings of your choosing on the pacas. Like the previous question, please do not contact and/or pester GA’s over this (before, during, or after the batch is picked up and completed), or you may be banned from the event!

Q: Can I still submit pacas where their combined traits are listed as “do not stack”?
A: Yes! But please be aware that at that point, if both traits are rolled enough times that the traits would overlap, then the artist will have the choice of picking one trait OR the other for the paca(s) it would overlap on. For eg., if spider eyes was rolled 3 times and no eyes was rolled 1 time on a batch of 3 pacas, spider eyes will be required on 2 of the pacas, but the artist can choose to put spider eyes OR no eyes on 1 of the pacas.

Q: I want to edit my submission; should I edit it, or delete and resubmit?
A: Please edit your submissions, not delete and resubmit! Only resubmit if you are changing who you are partnering with/scrapping a pairing entirely!



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