Mirage Festival Start!

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It's the Mirage Festival!!


It’s a special festival that happens every year in Chrysalopolis, in a place called “Dream Cloud”, which is an errant land mass covered with clouds that once a year gets close to Chrysalopolis. Pacas anchor it to Chrysalopolis for the festivities. It’s like making a party on a shooting star!
This year, we are having a snekket-themed celebration, to celebrate the special bond between Pacapillars and Snekkets!
Snekket-themed decorations and Snekket-friendly attractions are quite prominent this year! Don't have a Snekket? No problem! You can always bring a friend's.

How does it work?

We have made a variety of prompts that award Monet Tickets! You can use them to get various rewards from the Mirage Prize Stand
Monet Tickets are valid from today and until September 30, 2022. All unused tickets after that day will disappear.

Prompts for this event end on September 15, 2022.

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Arcinox Avatar

This looks cute!!
If we draw someone else's Snekket and the Snekket is also on ArtFight, are we also allowed to submit the piece to both Pacas and ArtFight?

2022-07-11 04:15:26

Authentication required

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