DTE - Gamer Fuel

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This DTE runs from October 5th through October 31st!
Participate for a chance to win this design!



Gamer Fuel

Electrified Monster Pacapillar. A Real Gamer.

  • Draw the design featured above! Your entry must be at least a shaded fullbody.

  • Submit your entry to this gallery (DTE - Gamer Fuel). If you do not submit your entry to this folder, it will NOT be counted for MYO prize.

  • Additionally, submit your entry to This Prompt ( Gamer Fuel). You will get 50 leaflets and one raffle ticket for the event.  This step is important to actually be entered into the raffle.

  • You may enter up to TWO times . Any additional entries will result in disqualification from the event.
  • You MUST be okay with the winner using your art in the event you do not win. 
  • Fullbody
  • Colored
  • Shaded
Not applicable for this event
  • ONE winner will be randomly chosen from all the entries to win the above design!
  • Additionally, the staff will select their two favorite entries that will earn a Snekket MYO Slot!


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