Pet gacha + Trait updates

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Hello everyone!
Here is a news bulletin with some important information about trait changes! Please make sure you’re with these news in their entirety!

Pet gacha is live!

The Pet Gacha is currently running on our discord server, we are holding this event to gather funds for our site development. If you’re interested please check out our Discord server announcements, this event runs until October 10th. Below is a picture of the pool for this gacha!


Trait changes

After thoughtful discussion we have decided to make some adjustments to some traits for Pacapillars.

These changes will be in effect starting on September 15, 1 pm CST, these will NOT affect any Pacapillars submitted before then :
♦ Octo-body is now Mutation+ rarity.
♦ Please be mindful of the following sub-species free and forbidden mutations changes: 

Subspecies Type Free Traits
(These mutations no longer need an Olera Berry)
Forbidden Traits
(These mutations are not allowed)
Gilled Multi-texture, Chameleon Octo Body, Pincers, Slug Body, Object Body
Gilleds will now require at least one large set of fins.
Poison Eye mutations (spider eyes, no eyes, cyclops, body eyes), Shedding, Animation (tail-specific animation only) Pincers that are larger than one body height, Slug Body, Octo Body
Shelled Shedding, Animation Octo Body, any kind of Tails, Object Body, Segmentation
Winged Chameleon, Shedding Fins, Pincers that are larger than one body height
Monsters Multi-texture, Eye mutations (spider eyes, no eyes, cyclops, body eyes), Animation Octo Body, Fins, Slug Body, Paws. 
Monsters will also now be required to have an exposed core as well as at least set of pincers larger than one body height. (More details coming soon)

♦ When submitting a sub-species MYO that has a trait that would not be considered a mutation, please include the appropriate trait. ex: Spider Eyes (Poison) for a Poison pacapillar instead of Spider Eyes

The following changes are effective immediately:
♦ Object shedding and texture shedding are now considered the same trait.
♦ Ultra (multiple) Tails and Ultra Single Tail are now considered the same trait.
♦ Standard pincers can only have simple, small pincers (rounded/triangular in shape), Subspecies pacapillars can have semi-complex pincers, while monsters have no restrictions on shape and detail.
♦ Glitch mutation has been replaced with a new Mutation+ trait called “Overlay” and has been properly labeled as such, more information on this mutation will be available soon.



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