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Be careful that you don't catch a cold!

Day 8 of our holiday sales, today with this sweet little birdy by Pix ! Remember to join our Discord Server to see all the designs we will be releasing, as some will be exclusive to the server only, while others will be posted here to the site!
Design by Pix

Rules and Offers

  • Keep all bids under the comment associated with the design you're bidding on
  • Reply to the highest bidder
  • Auctions end 24 hours after the most recent bid 

  • Starting Bid: $60
  • Minimum Increment: $5
  • Autobuy: N/A
Bid Chain:
Bid Here!


General Rules:

♦ By purchasing a Pacapillar design, you are agreeing with our Terms of Service 
Please do not delete or edit your bids (with one exception: if you accidentally made a bid outside of the bid chain or replied to the wrong comment). 
♦ Please do not bid if you do not currently have the funds. Dropping out will result in a 4 week ban from sales. Repeat offenders may be permanently banned from sales.
♦ The winner of the auction or sale will be contacted through Discord or deviantART to discuss payment details and file delivery.
♦ We reserve the right to deny a sale to a user for any reason. 
♦ Please be courteous to other people in the comments/bid chain. Rude behavior may result in being disqualified from the sale.

Payment Plans
Payment plans are  available for this sale for bids over $150. You must pay a non-refundable down payment of at least 30% of the sale, with the rest being paid off within 4 weeks or less.


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Bid Here!

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