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12 March 2020 (4 years ago)
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ANy Pronouns


 I write a LOT of stories for my pacas, and I'm always down to discuss some lore or friendship ideas with other people! 

I'm one of the design mods! Feel free to reach out if you need any help
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walkindedd Avatar

so sorry to message you here - i'm new and can't find the private dm area - but i was hoping you could help me with my myo submission? you mentioned that I need a psidium berry to increase the rarity, but I had thought that all uncommon traits had been condensed into the common category, and my myo was originally uncommon as well. i'm also not sure which traits would be considered rare, if you could help me with that i would really appreciate it! ;;

in case you can't see which myo i'm talking about, it's this one: https://play.pacapillars.com/designs/1068/comments

2021-05-03 11:04:32

Pix Avatar
Pix Staff Member

Hiya! My discord is Nivryz #8740, feel free to DM me there and I'll walk you through the MYO process in more detail!

2021-05-03 11:33:37

walkindedd Avatar

tysm, request sent!

2021-05-03 17:40:53

Chura Avatar
Chura Staff Member

y do u have so many commelis u hoarder

2021-01-03 11:15:41

Pix Avatar
Pix Staff Member

Special pacapillars hack if you buy 20 you get 1 ripe Commeli.

2021-01-03 11:54:35

RinaMask Avatar

Steals Maskmaker

2020-12-09 19:02:26

Pix Avatar
Pix Staff Member

The curse is lifted from my profile, now you must suffer

2020-12-09 19:21:34

RinaMask Avatar

I'll suffer with pride

2020-12-09 19:30:32

Chura Avatar
Chura Staff Member


2020-11-15 10:50:33

Pix Avatar
Pix Staff Member

Uno reverse card

2020-11-15 10:51:25

Chura Avatar
Chura Staff Member

No u

2020-11-27 00:05:22

greeny Avatar

the gaming

2020-11-07 14:30:22

Pix Avatar
Pix Staff Member

Squints at you

What is this cryptic message what does it MEAN

2020-11-07 14:35:22

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