Beginner's Guide

Created: 15 September 2020, 16:45:49 CDT
Last updated: 15 September 2020, 19:22:21 CDT

Welcome to Pacapillars! Pacapillars are a species created by toripng and run in collaboration with Nokkelborth. They are closed meaning that you cannot freely create new Pacapillars without permission. However, below are a few ways you can go about obtaining your own unique Pacapillar!

The purpose of this website is to be a fun art-based community with a shared interest in the species. We hope that you’ll be able to enjoy the species in full after completing this guide.

How to get your own Pacapillar!

If you are most interested in getting your own Pacapillar, we have a couple ways you can do just that!

• Leaflet Sales
• Berry Shop Link
• Discord Shelter

The first few ways you can obtain your own Pacapillar involve our group currency, Leaflets! Leaflets can be earned through website and Discord participation. Below is an explanation in the “participation” section.

The Berry Shop has items that can be bought with Leaflets. Included in this shop are upgrades and an item called a Mystery Core. Mystery Cores are the same as Common MYO slots. MYO stands for “make-your-own” and is basically a single-use permission to design your own Pacapillar within some restrictions. A Mystery Core will grant you permission to create your own personal Pacapillar design with traits that are considered common. This means that rare, super-rare, and mutation based traits are off limits. But! If you’d like to use rare traits and upwards, there are upgrade berries listed in the Berry Shop that you can also purchase using Leaflets!

The Pacapillar Shelter is another system we have in place for users to be able to obtain Pacapillars using Leaflets and to be able to surrender Pacapillars they don’t want for Leaflets in return! Any member can use this system regardless if they have a Pacapillar or not. There are respective forms for surrendering and adopting Pacapillars. All surrendered Pacapillars will be listed in thumbnail form and will have their prices tagged. If a listing is labelled “transformation pending” that means that a moderator is currently giving the design a makeover to be resold at a later date (and this Pacapillar cannot be adopted from the shelter). However, unless a listing is over a week old, Pacapillars left in the shelter will not be transformed. This feature is only available through Discord for the time being!

USD Sales

Myo Slot Sales
On-Site Sales

Pacapillars are also sold by moderators and guest artists. To check for open designs, please visit the "Sales" page under "Market" in the navigation bar! Generally these designs are available for USD only.

MYO slots are also sold for USD outside of the Berry Shop. MYO slots are sold by rarity tier, each tier allows for you to design using traits within that rarity tier. For example, buying a rare MYO slot will allow you to use common/uncommon and rare traits for the design. There is no limit on how many traits you can use within the tier.
MYO slots are sold every month to two months. The money earned from MYO sales goes directly to keeping the group and species running! So if you’re considering supporting the species, this is one way to do just that!

User to User Trade/Sales

Individual users are also able to trade or resell their owned Pacapillars to other members. Always be sure to check the masterlist, before purchasing or trading. Do not conduct sales or trades off site! We cannot protect you from scammers or off brands on other sites.
If you see a Pacapillar you like that is listed on the masterlist, do not harass the listed owner to trade with you. Only conduct trade requests if the Pacapillar is listed as up for trade.


Even though there are many ways to get your own unique Pacapillar, there are plenty of activities you can participate in even without owning one yourself!
Participation results in earning Leaflets, our site, and sometimes Gold Berries (our premium currency) This can be used to exchange for Pacapillars and other items listed above! Leaflets and Gold Berries can be earned through many different participation opportunities. Gold Berries may also be awarded for Nokkelborth's Patreon pledges.

Prompts Link
Discord Link

The first link above will bring you to a list of currently open prompts! Make sure you check the full details and the end date before you start!
Each prompt will also list the rewards for completing it.
Our Discord often does smaller, quick events for Leaflets as well! There are also plenty of awesome members to chat with as well as other fun discussions to be a part of! We really encourage members to join the Discord for faster answers to questions as well.

What’s on DeviantArt?

Gallery Link
Gallery Submission Guidelines Link

In the gallery you’ll be able to find adopts, MYO designs, featured artworks, and more! This is where members and staff get to show off their beautiful work!
Our deviantART group is a great way to share your art with others!

TOS Link

By participating in Pacapillars, you are bound to this set of terms lest you be denied service from the group and species.
Breaking group rules or terms listed in the document consistently can result in a ban or even a blacklisting. Blacklistings are reserved for users that pose a threat to the safety of other members in the group. It is not meant as a public shame list but rather as a means to warn others of their patterns. Harassing or contacting these listed users with the intent to bully them will result in a ban or blacklisting. Do not purposefully seek these users out.

Aside from offenses that can result in harsher punishment, members should avoid doing the following. Creating your own Pacapillar without permission is grounds for a warning or a ban. Please refrain from creating your own design until you have the proper permission.
If using deviantART, please follow the Gallery Submission Guidelines as well. The most common thing we get that breaks the Submission Guidelines are seeking journals or trade journals that do not follow the guidelines.

But… about Pacapillars?

As much as we can include all the details about Pacapillars and their universe, we don’t want this guide to turn out too long. You can read up on the species specifics here!