Slug Body (Mutation)

Category: Mutation
Species: Pacapillar

The pacapillar's limbs are replaced with a slug-like body (similar to softshelled pacas). Pacapillars with slug bodies may or may not still have partial front limbs. The texture of the slug body must be the same texture as the rest of their body (unless a multi texture mutation is applied), but the bottom can appear soft.

Slug Body (Soft-Shelled) (Natural Subspecies)

Category: Extra Traits
Species: Pacapillar (Shelled subtype)

The limbs of the pacapillar are replaced with a slug-like body. The pacapillar can still have some of it's limbs functuon as normal. Slug Body is common for Soft Shelled Pacas, and a mutation for Poison Pacapillars. Hard Shelled and Gilled Pacapillars cannot have slug body, as their limbs are pincers and fins respectively.

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