Cheek Nubs - Common (Common)

Category: Cheek Nubs

Short nubs that are half the length of the paca or snekket's head exclusing feelers (or shorter!). These are simple shapes, including but not limited to; teardrops, cones, ovals, leaf. Not included; animal ears, wings, objects. These do not have layers or holes. A common paca can have up to two sets of cheek nubs (4 nubs). Having no cheek nubs is also common. Nubs that are aligned with the mouth or lower are common.


Cheek Nubs - Rare (Rare)

Category: Cheek Nubs

Long nubs that are the height of the paca or snekket's head including feelers(or shorter). These include more complicated shapes like cubes or stars. Wing-like nubs are not included. A rare pacapillar can have up to four sets of nubs (8 nubs). Nubs that are alighed higher than the mouth but below the head feelers are rare.


Cheek Nubs - S. Rare (Super Rare)

Category: Cheek Nubs

Very long nubs that are the height and length of the entire paca's body (or shorter). These are all other types of nubs, including but not limited to; wing-like nubs, nubs with holes or layers. A super rare pacapillar can more than 5 pairs of nubs.


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