<a href=" Bag" class="display-item">Leaflet Bag</a>

Leaflet Bag

Category: Surprise Bags

Resale Value: 1000 Leaflets

A bag full of leaflets.

Can be sold for 1000 Leaflets.

<a href=" Me" class="display-item">Open Me</a>

Open Me

Category: Surprise Bags

Open this item to be entered into the featured raffle.

<a href=" Bag" class="display-item">Candy Bag</a>

Candy Bag

Category: Surprise Bags

<a href=" Gift" class="display-item">Birthday Gift</a>

Birthday Gift

Category: Surprise Bags


Happy Birthday, from everyone at Pacapillars!

Open the box for a surprise birthday gift! Gifts are distributed automatically on the first of each month, and you must have your birth month set to public visibility to receive your gift!

<a href=" Pride Pin" class="display-item">Sealed Pride Pin</a>

Sealed Pride Pin

Category: Surprise Bags

Subcategory: Pride Pins

Choice Box

Open for your choice of pride pin!

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