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Hi, I'm Raven! I'm a pretty shy person by nature so I don't chat much, but pacas are my lifeblood istg.
If you can't reach me here, feel free to poke through Toyhouse or the Discord server (CrowsBlade there too!)

Feel free to draw any of my pacapillars! If writing for them please check below and their page for personalities and notes.
I'm actively looking for art of Nyx in both her forms 👉👈 

I'm also slowly adding info and stories to their "links", please check there to see relationships and little thoughts they have on their friends!

Images are TOYHOUSE Links

Pacapillar Areas

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Ruin Gardens
The last standing location from the Golden Era and home to Nyx and her lover Solana.
Nyx has been missing in the more recent years, Though an amazing protector her absence has left people bitter.
Solana tends to the magical parts of the lands, doing her best to maintain the good magic. It's left her quite weak though.
Rune maintains the ruins. A guard (in training) with a bit too much energy to sit around all day.
StoneGuardian also lives deep within the waters, unaware of the chaos above. She's content living in her bubble.
What good ruins are without snakes? Drusil wanders the halls of the ruins keeping to themselves. They really dislike new people.

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Treasure and Glory

Pacapillars who all live in their own little areas of the lands. Each desires to collect their version of treasures at all costs.
Goorick, Goolia, and Goodith are slimes through and through. From attacking pacas, to stealing things in pots, they'll do anything they can to get big and strong enough to change into their KingGoo form.
Drake is your classic dragon, pillaging and destroying everything near his icy mountain. He has a soft spot for his son though.

Nova Is the son of Drake and Curiosity. Taking after both his parents he pushes through a shy personality to find his own meaning of treasure.
Curiosity, a mimic that often sleeps in dungeons. He's quite grouchy, especially when people are trying to take his treasure.
(Egg) Maiden sees herself as a protector, however, she'll go to any lengths to get her hands on snekket and their eggs. 
Vel, the forgotten candle. She's quite kind, keeping to herself in her mansion. She collects antiques and sometimes gets in fights with the others over them

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Heros and Protectors

With Nyx missing the lands have become quite hostile. Many pacapillars have named themselves protectors or heroes. That doesn't necessarily mean they're helpful though...
Ghost protects the fishies with zealousness, often mistaken for a deep sea monster.
POOF is a fluffy dragon-paca who lives just at the edge of the clouds. You could even say her head is always in a cloud.
ATA - Aqua, Tera, Aer. Team Heros! They're trying their best, but they spend more time apologizing for assuming someone is a monster than helping folk.
Lelia isn't your typical hero. She's too busy lazying around eating strawberries. However, with Nyz gone she's been keeping the town safe(er).
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Pacapillars that aren't particularly related to my story. They generally keep out of harm's way, staying within NeonCity.
Sepia is my soul paca, my first girl who was named after my beloved rat who passed on.
Tat is a spray painting artist. That's about all I got rn.
An egg, IG you could draw Maiden with it before hatching.


21909 Leaflets
32 Golden Berry
27 Shhroom
Mystery Core (Leaflets)
L.E.A.F. Concert Tickets
Fragaria Berry
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