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Hello everyone, and welcome to our monthly newsletter! A lot is going on currently, so please be sure to read up on everything! We have some fun things both here and on the horizon that we can’t wait to share with you all!

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Major Updates
Discord + Deviantart Linking

If you have been following other closed species groups, you may be aware of a new issue that has arisen ; Discord and DeviantArt no longer allow for image linking to external websites, and though Discord has a timer for 24-48 hours before their links are inaccessable, DeviantArt, unfortunately, seems to have their links inaccessible almost immediately. This has proven to be annoying to deal with both as someone to submit prompts, and to those of us on staff who rely on these websites for a lot of our images. Due to this update, many of our on-site images will be broken until further notice. We need to track down all the files we had and add them back to the site in a different way, and we are asking that you please remain patient with us during this time while we get everything fixed.

Alongside this, users prompt submissions from these links also will be affected, so we are asking that any users who rely on DeviantArt and Discord linking for their prompt submissions to please migrate to using our on-site galleries found HERE. This will ensure your links are safe and staff can view them easily.
To our knowledge, Toyhouse, Imagur, and other sites still work for now, but just to be safe in case any other sites follow, we are requesting that submissions are posted to the galleries.

We have added warning banners to the top of the prompt submission page to remind anyone of this issue before they submit.

Prompt + Design Mod Applications

We are seeking to bring on new staff members! We are currently looking for one Prompt moderator and one Designs moderator to join our team. Experience is not required as long as we feel you can do the work. Any applicants must be of 18 years or older. Read more about the requirements and apply with the form linked below!
Application Form

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Minor Updates
Game Nights Return!

Our newest Discord mod, ChaoChild has been making plans to bring lots of fun back into the community! They have been working steady to have some games lined up for everyone to participate in! Upcoming for March, they will be hosting a game of Franken Paca on March 9th at 3pm CST. A Discord-based game night will be hosted March 16th at 3pm CST as well. Be sure to join our Discord server and pick up the Game Night role in the #directory channel to get pinged whenever a fun game is being played!
Discord Server

Discord Rule Updates

Due to the large amount of insincere complements art pieces have been getting, we have updated our Discord server rules to try and fix this issue. All users must now say at least two things nice about the piece above them before posting their own work. It's not cool to put time into a piece, only to get posted over by someone who doesn't seem to care; be kind. Encourage people's art journey, everyone starts somewhere afterall. 

We also would like to remind the community that 18+ species may not be advertised in our server. Our community is 13+, and we would rather keep those kinds of things out of our spaces. If you would like to trade something from an adult-orientated species, simply mention something along the lines of "check mutual servers" or "please DM me for other species  I'm interested in."

Minor Submission Page Edits

With a large number of users forgetting their criteria rewards when submitting their pieces,  we've added a banner to the submission page, as well as highlighted the "Please add the proper criteria to your submission" part of the standard prompt rules in red to emphasize the need to include criteria in your submission. We also have made the "+ Criteria" button a solid color so that it stands out easier on the submission page from all the other outline buttons. 

Staff can not add criteria forms to submitted prompts, but instead we can only edit user-filled out forms. Please remember to include your criteria to get your full rewards for your submission, especially if you are prone to last-minute submissions with little time to resubmit if needed.

Prompt Edits
  • We've changed the layout of prompts to no longer have everything hidden behind spoiler boxes. Everything is now put in boxes directly visible to anyone clicking on "More Details"  so that everyone can check  the requirements much quicker.
  • Now only prompts with bonuses or key notes have the "Extras" section. No longer will you have to wonder "Is there actually extras to this prompt or not?" If the Extras section is there, then there are extras to keep note of!
  • All prompts now feature a new General Requirement that permits you to  create crafts instead of standard art pieces or writing submissions. This has always been permitted, however it was well-requested by the community to include this, so we hear you guys! Prompts are now much clearer on this feature!
  • NEW unlockable prompts: Thanks to our coder and moderator, Sweetstuff , we can now set prompts to require another prompt before you unlock another. This means you can properly complete the Sowing Friendship prompt in order before Barn Pursuit or Coop Miracle to properly unlock the farm. We plan to utilize this feature in the future with some events as well as further ARPG prompts.


You can now have your pronouns displayed on your profile, making it easier for everyone to address you! Your pronouns will display underneath your username on your profile, and beside your username in comments! To add these to your profile, simply fill out the new box in your settings page! (Pronouns are custom input, so they are not limited to a list of designated pronouns, and you can instead set whatever you're most comfortable with!)



Current Event
🥚 Eggs Giving (Parts 1 + 2) 🌸
March 1st, 2024 - April 30th, 2024
206-image.pngAll over Crysalopolis, mysterious gift baskets are showing up without warning on Pacas' doorsteps containing Glistening Eggs among the contents! No one has stated that they are the one leaving these gifts around, but Pacas everywhere are confused as to why they were chosen to be given a snekket egg. While some Pacas are hopeful to raise the eggs into hatching to become a Snekket to match their own appearance, some eggs have hatched early, pairing Pacas with baby Snekkets that look nothing like them! While some are quick to just accept things the way they are, others want to get to the bottom of things and find information to who would go around Crysalopolis and just leave baby Snekkets on strangers doorsteps for just anyone to raise. Luckily the baskets come with some very basic  things to tend to Snekket needs!
This event will feature 5 prompts in total; 4 of which you will need to complete to unlock the next part of the story, and one that you can do in both March and April! March will release parts 1 and 2, and April will release parts 3 and 4. Parts 1 and 2 will NOT expire on March 31st, instead running in to April so anyone who missed the March half can still participate in unlocking parts of the story. Completion of part 1 will unlock part 2, and the same will be said for parts 3 and 4, requiring completion of the other parts prior to  unlocking the next part. All of these prompts will require a complex background OR 1000 words, so please make sure to not push your parts completion until last minute so you have time to do all 4!
These story-based prompts will put usage to our interactive dialogues feature!
The smaller prompt that you can do in both March and April requires just 2 fullbodies (one snekket, and one paca), and is much more lenient than the story prompts!
Anyone who completes part 1 will be given a surprise basket that has an account-bound snekket MYO inside! If you've ever wanted a Snekket, but couldn't use the Cash Shop for any reason, now's your chance to get yourself your very own noodle!


Design Schedule
  • Winged Guide pacapillars by Quiche for March 1st, 2024
  • A special Snekket gatcha featuring designs by staff members and Guest Artists available for both money AND Leaflets, and a FTO-friendly round! Will be released in the last week of March / first week of April.
  • Designs by Nokkelborth . As always, Nokkel’s patreon usually gets first looks at designs and are normally eligible to make claims in advance, so if that interests you, we recommend taking a look.
  • As always, we may sneak in some surprise designs, some of which may be discord only, so watch out 👁️


Character of The Month


A fun-loving paca who helps care for and sit pets of all caliber, also acting as a sort of matchmaker. Helping pets find their forever homes with the perfect paca and vice versa. He gives off big fun vibes of "silly songs with Larry", just Larry the cucumber vibes all around. Anyone and everyone is just a friend you haven't made yet (no matter how scary). He loves hanging out with friends and is always down to make new ones. His main pets are: Mr.Batty, Ohno, Ohyes, Ohdear.

Submit The Prompt!

Creature Feature
<a href=

Foliage (Spring)

Although it spends most of its life hiding amongst the trees, it is a strangely outgoing little creature. It loves finding small flowers and insects, and will always find time to show off their collection! They have a terrible sense of smell, but make up for that with subsonic hearing. This leads them straight to whatever small bug they're on the hunt for next!

Submit The Prompt!


Did you know that by pledging to Nokkelborth 's Patreon for as little as $5 a month, you can gain access to exclusive Pacapillar rewards? By pledging, you can look forward to rewards such as:
  • Surprise capsules containing new pets created that month
  • Gold Berries you can use on-site in the Alley Shop
  • Access to exclusive commissions and customs done by Nokkelborth
  • Early access to viewing and claiming adopts before the public
And rewards only get better at higher tiers!



[!] be continued...[!]


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