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Fall is in the air...



Hello Pacammunity, and welcome to August's #general Monthly Newsletter! Presented by your's truly, Knife (ʘ‿ʘ✿) Only for this month, though! A special newscaster will be joining us as our Pacapillar host next month to help present our latest and greatest news to our wonderful community. We will have a newsletter at the beginning of every month, now, so that users can keep up to date on our latest news, see teasers for things to come, and become more involved in the group in general :) 


Design Approvals


This was announced in our discord, but as a response to the overwhelming amount of recent suggestions to halt approvals in order to focus on guides and making sure everything is up to date, we have decided to halt our design approval system for up to two months. This includes everything from myo submissions, to design updates, to our discord's design help channel. We may take less time than two months, but this is the general time period we've given for us to get all of our materials together. Having a specified time for guide making will give us more time to focus on creating and updating new and old guides, some of which were in dire need of a brand new look. The information presented in these guides will help both old and new users, and we hope they're helpful for the community! From revamped MYO and trait guides to new guides for each subspecies, we (and our lovely mod, Chura, especially) have been hard at work compiling these for you all!


Some new friendly faces!

I'd love to welcome our new mods to the team! We've been training them up this past month, and they're all here and ready to help out for the sake of the community :) The new mods, Arrow, Pon, Echo, Ryker, 2004005, and Bweepy have been studying away, and have been a great source of inspiration for the rest of the team! Pon and Greeny are primarily going to be seen moderating the discord, Ryker and Echo have been learning a ton about designs and how to interpret them (with an added bonus of being able to help out in multiple areas), and Bweepy and Arrow will be helping out with a lot of our event related moderation! Also, as a special announcement, Sketch has been promoted to Admin, and while Niv is still taking a mod vacation, they're still in our hearts <3


Speaking of the discord...


Now that our discord-related mods have been trained on all of the basics, we'll be hosting more discord games again! We'll even be having a Frankenpaca game today, at 1pm EST (courtesy of our mod, Ryker)! We plan to host at least one game per week within the discord, so make sure to head on over there in order to participate! All games will give varying amounts of currency, and the Frankenpaca that is made this week will later be available for users to offer in-game currency on :) Go on, get in there! (Only if you want to, of course.)


Certain site bugs 🐛

There is currently a bug that bars us from recycling the exclusive item limits, which will hopefully get resolved in the near future; we promise you'll be able to get more forbidden berries soon <3 Certain outstanding bugs (such as the character linking feature) are bugs we wish to hammer out, but require a much more thorough investigation. Currently, our main coder is a bit on and off in regards to availability, so certain smaller feature bugs that don't break main features of the website are being de-prioritized in favor of ones we can currently tackle while the coder is away. Thank you all for being understanding!


New monthly event on the horizon...

Starting in September, we will have a pacapillar or snekket of the month! Stay tuned for more news in the next monthly newsletter, but the monthly character will have certain incentives if they are included in your submissions, and there will be certain prizes for having your kid included.


current ongoing snekket event 

Just a small reminder that our snekket-based event, the Mirage Festival, is still ongoing, and ends on September 30th! Go here to learn more about the event, participate, and buy some cool items using the exclusive event currency, Monet Tickets! It's our introduction to snekket mutations, and you can even buy your very own snekket mutation using the tickets, so we'd love to see you all participate while the event is ongoing!


And that's a wrap! I look forward to bringing you more monthly newsletters, and can't wait for all the works you all will make this month <3



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