<a href=" Pop Capsule" class="display-item">Cake Pop Capsule</a>

Cake Pop Capsule


"A treat that has been baked with love by the very best bakers in Chrysalopolis."

Open this capsule to get one random Cake Pop pet!

<a href=" Bag" class="display-item">Leaflet Bag</a>

Leaflet Bag

Resale Value: 100 Leaflets

A bag full of leaflets.

Can be sold for 100 Leaflets.

<a href=" Me" class="display-item">Open Me</a>

Open Me


Open this item to be entered into the featured raffle.

<a href=" Capsule" class="display-item">Chrono Capsule</a>

Chrono Capsule

Resale Value: 1000 Leaflets


Grants 5 random pets.

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