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Hello everyone, and welcome to our monthly newsletter! We hope you are enjoying your New Year's! This is a smaller newsletter this month,  but you can always expect more updates in the future! We have some fun things both here and on the horizon that we can’t wait to share with you all!

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With the updates of criteria rewards being added, as well as the gift art notification feature, a popular request we've gotten is to make the Character of the Month prompt much more rewarding and engaging to encourage people to draw and write about the month's feature, and we just want you all to know that we hear your suggestions! Now, when you are submitting a prompt, you will have a switch option  that you can activate that will reward you 1000 bonus leaflets if you include the Character of the Month in your piece. You will still need to do the base prompt to be entered into the raffle to have the chance at your own character getting featured, but we hope with this bonus being implemented that it will encourage people to make lovely pieces of the featured character more often!

Next up, our seasonal prompts, Harvest the Best, Winter Cheers, Spring Party, and Beach Party have officialy been retired. We hope you all enjoyed these prompts in their run, but to make things easier for everyone, these prompts will be replaced with new seasonal prompts that have the same submission requirements as Autumn is Here, Cup of Warmth, Spring Flowers, and Heat Wave. Of course you are still 100% allowed to include 4 or more pacapillars/snekkets in your piece, but it will no longer be required to get both seasonal prompts completed. Our first of these new prompts to show up is the new winter seasonal, The First Snowfall! 

If you ever have suggestions for improvement of the species, we are keeping tabs on them more than ever, hoping to make things better for everyone overall. You can submit feedback and suggestions either in our Discord server in the #suggestion-box channel  or you can submit privately and/or anonymously through our Feedback Form found under our "Help" dropdown in the navigation bar on-site here!


What's Coming
Coming soon to theatres near you
Though December was very busy for everyone, we want everyone to know that despite activity picking up again, we are still tirelessly working on new features, events, and activities for everyone to participate in. We've been super happy about the engagement so far from all our updates, and we're hoping to push that activity further.
  • As mentioned in last month's newsletter, NPCs will soon each have their own little ARPG prompts similar to the three existing farming prompts. We are still working out the finer details, but we know you guys love the NPCs just as much as us, and we really hope to encourage people into playing with them more often!
  • Collections have their own custom organization in the works. We are still trying to figure out how to execute this in a way that is both easy to work with on user and mod sides, all while being easy on the eyes. We have yet to fully decide if we are going to be using an existing extension, or if we are going to create something completely new and custom to pacapillars, but in summary, your little collectables will only be compiled in one little ugly inventory section all mixed together for just a little bit. When we have finished with a collection feature to the site, we will make it so everything is sorted into their respective collection accordingly.
  • Visual guides are closer than ever! We know this has been teased for... well, years, but we will just be cleaning up some loose ends over the next little bit, and we're hoping to get the guides publicly accessable sooner rather than later. We understand users getting frustrated over the wait, it is important information everyone needs to know after all, but it shouldn't be more than a couple months now if luck is on our side!
  • We almost have a full run of reoccurring events to take place through every month of the year. We wont give too many details for planned events yet as to keep things a surprise, but we have been learning from past events what people like, and what they don't like, so we are hoping to keep these events fun for everyone. Themes for each reoccurring event will change anually, but if you ever have ideas for event themes, feel free to send us a suggestion in our discord server or in our feedback form (details about leaving feedback can be found in the above "Updates" section of this newsletter!)
  • Over the next few days, you can expect to see a new little comment in prompts mentioning that you can create crafts for the prompt in question! We saw how much everyone loved making crafts for Halloween, so we just wanted everyone to know that crafting is always an alternative option to most prompts so long as you still follow the base requirements to the best of your ability.
  • The toyhouse world and shelter storage are going to be facing a small face lift as far as their main page layouts. I, ( TornPages ), must admit, my old codes for either one of those are a bit clunky and hard to work with, making them rather unfavorable to edit on a regular basis. My goal is to keep the basic information provided on the main pages, all while trying to make the overall layout look cleaner and making it a million times easier to edit from our side. 


Current Event
snow_crystals_mini.png Boreal Wishes snow_crystals_mini.png
December 1st, 2023 - January 31st, 2024
leaf_tickets_1x1.png?ex=65a49634&is=65922134&hm=86b53f5adbb387abd3a645165ef05d35a213929047279a15716436d790a137a2&=&format=webp&quality=lossless Boreal wishes is still ongoing for the month of January! The December prompts have rotated out, and now some fresh prompts surrounding the event have released for the duration of January. You can read more about Boreal Wishes, the event shop stock, Sachet's interactive dialogue, and the prompt schedule HERE! 
L.E.A.F. Tour
~Check in next month for dates~
Our NPC singing group, L.E.A.F. are going on tour! They will be visiting Chrysalopolis at random times serving as a pop-up prompt of sorts. The event will have the duration of 1 month during their specified tour months. Rumor has it you will see them making their first appearance in February, but for now you better head on over to Free Gifts to claim your concert tickets so you can see them live when they are in town! In the meantime while we wait for their tour to go live, why not show us some love for your favorite L.E.A.F. member in one of your prompt submissions? (you can click on their individual little images to be taken to their masterlist entry!)


Design Schedule
  • There are no Guest Artists planned for this month!
  • Designs by Nokkelborth . As always, Nokkel’s patreon usually gets first looks at designs and are normally eligible to make claims in advance, so if that interests you, we recommend taking a look.
  • As always, we may sneak in some surprise designs, some of which may be discord only, so watch out 👁️


Character of The Month


A chill guy who likes to bake sweet treats and occasionally sell them at Matcha's coffee shop. He is a "go with the flow" kind of guy, but tries to avoid uncomfortable situations which results in him sometimes making poorly timed jokes.

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Creature Feature

Drach (New Years)

Unlike other Drach, this pet variant only appears before those they deem worthy. Instead of filing down their horns, the New Years Drach grants a wish to their preferred individual, combusting the star at the end of their horn like a sparkler. Each Drach can only grant one wish per year, though, so make it count!

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Did you know that by pledging to Nokkelborth 's Patreon for as little as $5 a month, you can gain access to exclusive Pacapillar rewards? By pledging, you can look forward to rewards such as: lushiehewwo.png
  • Surprise capsules containing new pets created that month
  • Gold Berries you can use on-site in the Alley Shop
  • Access to exclusive commissions and customs done by Nokkelborth
  • Early access to viewing and claiming adopts before the public
And rewards only get better at higher tiers!



[!]...to be continued...[!]


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