Wave One End and Flaffles!

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EDIT: All the pacas have been rolled over in our discord, and winners have been contacted by guest artists! Some pacas need to be rolled again, and we are currently getting that set up!


Wave one has ended, which means it's time for wave one flaffles (FLAT SALE RAFFLEs)! And, in a twist, some of these are free raffles as well!

(click each header below to read that section)

  • You can enter for however many pacas you are eligible for (FTOs can enter for all pacas, non FTOs can enter for all except FTO exclusive ones)
  • Regardless of how many pacas you enter for, you can only win once! Your name will be removed from the pool after you have won.
  • You can only enter for each paca once! If you are found to be using duplicate accounts or having other people enter for you, you can be banned from participating in wave two and the rest of the flaffles
  • You MUST have an account on site to participate
  • Entries will be tied to the email account you use while taking the form, and the form will tell you that you've already taken it if you follow the form link again. So if you want to check that it went through or edit your previous entry, click the form link again to do so.
  • Monday: Flaffle/raffle forms open! [Link]
  • Wednesday: Forms close and all pacas are rolled
  • Thursday: Leftover pacas or ones that need to be rerolled are put up and forms open
  • Friday: Forms close and remaining pacas are rolled

Flaffle Form Link


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Terekasushi Avatar

I'm... actually new, lol, what's the price of these? Are they all free? Only some? What's the price. I just want to make sure before I enter =)
Edit: I GET IT NOW, DONT WORRY. Their prices were those NUMBERS, LOL.

2021-06-22 18:50:46 (Edited 2021-06-22 19:09:06)

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