Changes to Elixir forms

Posted 3 years ago :: Last edited 3 years ago by Pix
Hello everyone!
We are making changes to elixir form system, so if you have pacas that have elixir forms please make sure you read the following:


1. All the elixir forms MUST be in one image (the main ML image)! If they are not, then please submit a design update instead 


2. Link your elixir pacas (even if they meet the above standard) in the comments of this post OR in the assigned discord channel and mention what the elixir form is and what the default form was!
We are adding a new "elixir" trait to the masterlist to not only make it easier to find elixir pacas, but to also remove the extra traits and uncertainty about which form of a paca is their non elixir one (especially for subspecies). Staff will be processing any future elixir pacas with this new update (and if you make an elixir form in the future then please use a design update), but we want to make sure to update as many of the current pacas as possible.


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