Snowfall Reveals!

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Hello Paca community!

This post is for all the Snowfalls 2020 Designs! We will be updating this post as more of the designs are revealed. Pre-claimed designs were bought during the claim period, before the 9TH of December! If a Pacapillar is open, it will have its sales post linked and no owner listed below them!


December 10: Caramel Apple Cider by Nokkelborth

Owner: SammySouu


December 11: Christmas Carols by Knife

Owner: Rufliec


December 12: Yeti and Tiny Friend by Tealeo

Owner: Grifforik


December 13: Christmas Magic by Alyx

Owner: Happycatbee


December 14: Diamond Dust by Bweepy

Owner: ickypossum


December 15: Precious Snowball by Tori.png

Owner: HappyCatBee


December 16: Frost Drake from the North by Cookie-Brooke

Owner: Saltinesmores


December 17: Tree Decorations by Chura

Owner: Abusypharaoh


December 18: Sled and Reindeer by PixiuNera

Owner: Niinenko


December 19: Gold Ribbon by Kitkaloid

Owner: Azrael


December 20: Wishing Star by Whiart

Owner: MoonlitAstlia


December 21: Christmas Bun by Yuki-Akamura

Owner: Len

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Angela_Wise Avatar beautiful...They’re both beautifully created and crafted. Congratulations Sammy!!

2020-12-10 13:54:30

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