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We have some exciting news! Our brand new Farm feature is live! To unlock it, you will need to complete the corresponding ARPG prompt. There are three prompts in total, each unlocks a different tab:

Sowing Friendship (Crops)
Barn Pursuit! (Barn)
Coop Miracle (Coop)

Currently, only baas and moffs can be used for the barn, while kips can be used for the coop! Starting today, you can buy them on the Leaflet shop for 500 leaflets each!
You will be able to get leaflets by watering your crops and feeding your animals. We hope this new feature is as exciting for you as it is for us!

We have made a discord channel to report bugs, please check it out in #site-bugs, or you can report bugs using the help desk! Make sure you include the URL of the page causing the issue, as well screenshots and a detailed description of the problem you experienced.
Thank you very much for being part of the community! We hope to keep bringing more exciting things in the future!
Stay tuned for a halloween-related announcement tomorrow :3 !

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This is so so super cool!!!!! I have to make some prompts right away

2020-09-30 04:20:54

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