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Created: 15 September 2020, 16:18:53 CDT
Last updated: 30 October 2020, 15:55:11 CST

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Smelly-Mouse Avatar

Hello! My pacapillar was uploaded with the wrong masterlist picture. I got some small changes approved in November of 2017.

2020-11-05 23:05:50

pinkuwu9 Avatar

Hello! I have a couple of doubts
First of all, i own this pacapillar: [must be ve loged on th to see them] but they arent listed here on my profile and i cant seem to find them listed either , how could i add them?
Second, if im trading to an user who doesnt have an account on the site, it's needed for them to make one or can someone help me just changing the username on the ownership?

tysm in advance!

2020-11-05 20:34:49

ClownCarsGoBeep Avatar

Issue has been resolved!!

2020-11-05 07:43:28 (Edited 2020-11-05 08:03:33)

SleepyDemon Avatar

How do unlimited mystery core works after used?? does it have a cool down on after you get your paca approved??? is it already in the system when its used??? i am asking because i used my unlimited mystery core and i don't know how unlimited mystery core works after being used. i'm sorry lol XD

2020-10-19 14:54:14

Nokkelborth Avatar
Nokkelborth Staff Member

using a mystery core creates a myo slot you can submit for approval! you can find yours here

2020-10-19 15:22:06

Zevhara Avatar

Does a paca having the "gift art is allowed" status mean you can add them to group prompts? Or are prompts different than gift art?

2020-10-18 03:41:49

Nivryz Avatar
Nivryz Staff Member

It means they can be added in prompts!

2020-10-18 04:20:31

Zevhara Avatar

Cool, thank you!

2020-10-18 14:13:45

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