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Created: 15 September 2020, 16:18:53 CDT
Last updated: 30 October 2020, 15:55:11 CST

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Okapei Avatar

Do NPC Pacas count for the "Only one paca from each person " rule in certain prompts?

2021-01-10 16:52:27

MiniMahou Avatar

Issue fixed

2020-12-20 01:03:59 (Edited 2021-03-24 13:36:05)

galleta Avatar

Hi! My pacapillar has the wrong rarity. I used an MYO + berry so they should be rare. It's M-1341

2020-12-16 13:33:12 (Edited 2020-12-16 13:33:26)

eggy Avatar

creo que es una falla del sistema pero ¿ que rareza te toco? ''use the traslate to spanish''

2021-08-23 07:58:57

Lonefandomartist Avatar

H-hello! I'm new and wanted to do some prompts but I'm not the best at shading and backgrounds, but if I at least try my best even if its not High quality and good, will I still be able to get the rewards?

2020-12-03 09:29:19

eggy Avatar

creo que si '' use the traslate to spanish''

2021-08-23 08:00:03

ClownCarsGoBeep Avatar

Hi! My I own pacapillar 0-0126 and I was just popping on here to let you know that I have given them to ErgophobicFauve their DA is DamonTheDeer. I would trade it but as I didn’t previously have an account on here I cannot

2020-11-24 16:28:01

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