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Created: 15 September 2020, 16:18:53 CDT
Last updated: 30 October 2020, 15:55:11 CST

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Phonie Avatar

Do we have a guide on using MYO slots bought with LF/GB/money? I'm a first-time designer/owner soo I'm sorta lost on how to use the MYO slot as it doesn't show in masterlist. :0

2022-02-15 07:45:31

Nyxoomdraws Avatar
Nyxoomdraws He/They

there is a guide to myo's under Help > general guides

2022-05-04 11:00:38

Echospirit1234 Avatar

How to accept character transfer

2022-01-19 17:31:17

Butapokko Avatar

I want to update myo, what do I need to do?

2021-11-23 03:06:51

eggy Avatar

saben como se pone una clave de acceso? no se y solo tengo todas las semillas pero quesia desbloquearlo

2021-08-23 08:04:19

Mary-ChanUnicorn Avatar

Hello, I would like to know what objects I have to have so that my future MYO (I am saving to buy a myo) has gills or it can look like a water Paca (with a fish tail and stuff)?

2021-05-28 17:25:57

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