Submission (#7780) Approved

25 February 2024, 10:48:30 CST (1 month ago)
26 February 2024, 18:34:00 CST (1 month ago) by TornPages


Extra image for the Corewarming Card (


Reward Amount
Leaflets 3000
Squib (Valentine) 1

Criteria Rewards

Art - 3320 Leaflets

Halfbody Characters: 0
Fullbody Characters: 2
Gift Art: On
Character of the Month Featured: Off
Pets You Own: 2
NPCs: 0
Shading: On
Simple Background: 0
Complex Background: 1
Simple Animation: Off
Complex Animation: Off
Crafted/3D Piece: Off
Commissioned Artwork: Off


Thumbnail for M-1937: Igneous [He/Him]

M-1937: Igneous [He/Him]

Reward Amount
Thumbnail for G-1951: Frosted Cookie

G-1951: Frosted Cookie

Reward Amount


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