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30 July 2022, 22:06:54 CDT (5 months ago)
31 July 2022, 05:15:44 CDT (5 months ago) by OssuaryAmbience


((sung with the Twinkle Twinkle Little Star tune))
Luna Luna little snekket, how I wonder where you are.
Your head is always in the clouds, wandering the stars at night.
Counting sheep ‘till you fall asleep, then float up into space again.

Luna Luna fur so soft, I love to pet your puff ball tail.
Delicate with tiny paws, all the shades of purple too.
Sleepy sheepy sweet Luna, lets play together ‘till the sun comes up.

Now it’s time to end our song, and sleep the day away again.
Here she comes with flapping wings, soaring through the dawn of day.
Little Luna friend of mine, I hope all your dreams will come true.


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SN-0081: Luna ☆

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