August Newsletter

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Hello everyone, and welcome to our monthly newsletter! We have some fun things both here and on the horizon that we can’t wait to share with you all.


To start things off, we have an ongoing event called the mirage festival!

The Snekket-based event, the Mirage Festival, is now live! Enjoy a myriad of fun-filled activities like snekket based prompts, an event-only shop including exclusive items, a snekket themed discord game later this month, and more! 

All prompts featured in the festival can be found here, and grant monet tickets! The event shop, Mirage’s Prize Stand, can be found here, and has a couple different items that can be purchased for monet tickets. The newest and most exclusive item, Hol-O’s, grants a new trait called Overlay! This trait encases the entire paca in a substance of your choosing. The trait is Mutation+, and can be obtained by applying either a Ripe Olera or the seasonal item Hol-O’s. Here's a graphic that showcases the new trait: 

We hope you enjoy playing around with the trait, and make sure you check out the shop! 



Make sure to check out the discord this month! Winners and participants in these games get various forms of leaflet rewards, but with the event season being upon us, they will also be eligible to receive Monet tickets for certain games! Our first scheduled game will be this Friday, the 4th of August, at 6pm EST for Gartic Phone! It’ll be using the plug-in discord has for the game, so there’ll be no external websites needed! Everyone who participates will get leaflets, but only those who stay for a full hour of play will win Monet Tickets!




The month of August will feature:
  • A batch of Guest Artist designs made by Cherrysnakecat on the 15th 
  • Designs by Nokkelborth. As always, Nokkel’s patreon usually gets first looks at designs and are normally eligible to make claims in advance, so if that interests you, we recommend taking a look.
  • Some premade snekkets will be made for the event from various team members, type of distribution for each is subject to change so keep your eyes peeled!
  • 3 Winged pacapillar designs made by Quiche, which will be featured on the Winged pacapillar guide! Prices and whatnot subject to change, so full details will be released later as part of the posts. One design is scheduled to open this Friday, the 4th of August, and the other two will be released on Sunday the 20th.
  • As always, we may sneak in some surprise designs, some of which may be discord only, so watch out 👁️



If you’re unaware, every month we feature a new pet in our Creature Feature corner, giving extra lore and information relative to the Pacapillar universe. The prompt related to this pet will also reward you with that pet, to share some of the love!

Speaking of, August’s creature feature is Kittar! Check out the prompt to get one today. 


As you all may have noticed, there’s a new feature on our home page! Starting this month, we will begin having a Pacapillar or Snekket of the month! The winner will be chosen at random from accepted prompt submissions for the category (via the raffle function on our website). Each person will submit which character they want if chosen. For the upcoming month in which they are chosen, we will dedicate a section of our Newsletter featuring that character, and signify what bonuses you can receive by including that character in your prompts. Please make sure to read all the rules for this prompt very carefully, as there are a lot more to it than our normal prompts.  You can find the prompt here.



Our world is now ready for you all! Feel free to join; we look forward to seeing you there! Please read through all the rules listed both on the main world page, as well as individual bulletin/forum post rules. 


[!] be continued...[!]




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