Snekket Mutations

Created: 13 April 2022, 00:55:00 CDT
Last updated: 29 February 2024, 18:47:03 CST
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Allows for design elements that can constantly move, shift, or change*. See  picture for examples.

This mutation lets you have the same kind of animation in multiple places, as long as it's presented in the same way. For example, in the firework bomb snekket, both the tail and the head have the same animation, so they would only require one Olera berry.

Other examples: Moving machinery (cogs, rotating wind-up keys, moving fire/water, prehensile feelers, blooming/unblooming plants, auras that behave like animals or body parts, any kind of moving/shifting component, etc







Lets your Snekket have more than one texture in their body. Up to three textures can be used with this mutation!

Please make sure the textures are clearly readable when submitting your design.

Important note for Redesigns:

To add a 3rd texture to a Snekket with Multi-Tex that had only 2 textures before, you will need a Salix berry.
Changing any of the textures will still require 1 Salix per changed texture.






Eye Mutations



There are many eye mutations in this category. No Eyes (in the face), Body eyes, cyclops, spider eyes (3-10 eyes in the face).
No eyes, Cyclops, and Spider eyes cannot be used simultaneously, but Body Eyes can be used with any of the other eye mutations.

Please bear in mind, one Olera berry can only grant one version of this mutation! A total of two Olera berries is required if you want, for example, to have a Snekket with no face eyes and also eyes on the body!






Grants more than one tail to your Snekket.

The tails must start after the hind legs, or further along the body, they must also not be short in length.
This also covers tails that split at the ends. They can have varying lengths as long as the shortest tail is at least 2 times the length of the Snekket's body (distance from the head to the hind paws)






This mutation grants birdlike hind legs and winged front legs. The wings in the legs can be fully expanded at will, not to be confused with prominent feathers.


Wyvern frontal legs have a wing structure, that lets the wing expand and retract at will, much like a bat's wing; the wing structure is not separate from the leg. This structure spans the entirety of the Snekket's arm, and can be any wing type* as long as it meets the requirements for the mutation.
This mutation is also accompanied by birdlike or raptor feet. 






This mutation allows for items, particles, or texture pieces to shed from the Snekket's body. It can be any object* and shed from any part of the body.

If a Snekket sheds from various parts of their body, only one Olera berry is needed, as long as it's the same type of shedding throughout them. If there are different kinds of items/particles/etc being shed from different parts of the body, you will need one Olera for each.








Allows your snekket to change colors or markings, but not both. This mutation cannot be stacked with itself.

For design submissions, please include an alternate version in the picture that shows the color changes.
For marking changes, an alt. version is not required if it's a simple change that can be easily described (shifting, for example).

For very specific or complex marking changes, please include an alt. version.






*Staff reserves the right to reject inappropriate or ambiguous designs