Snekket Guide

Created: 14 October 2020, 00:34:43 CDT
Last updated: 16 March 2024, 09:44:38 CST

Snekkets are one of the co-habitants of Pacapillars among many parts of the land in Pacaverse. They are long, snake-like creatures with four small legs that allow them to leap and scurry throughout the meadows and forests of the surface, they are known for their extremely long tails. Normally, their temperament is eager and friendly, this makes them ideal friends to Pacapillars. 


Here is what the basic Snekket looks like:


Snekkets are said to be the distant relatives of dragons. Today, they can be domesticated to become the friendly and curious companions of the common Pacapillar. Their sizes vary, but they tend to be much bigger than Pacapillars.



Snekkets have taken such a liking to Pacapillars that most all of their traits have been mimicked! The few exceptions are mutations, tails, and of course, body type. In addition to these slight differences, Snekkets are able to sprout wings naturally and are just as common to find with or without wings. The distinction lies within the size and strength of the wings. Wing shapes vary! All wings shapes, such as bat, bird, insect wings etc... are equally common.


No Wings

This wing trait is common. A Snekket can have no wings at all.



Vestigial Wings

This wing trait is also common. Vestigial wings will be very small and accessory, therefore, they cannot be used to glide or fly.



Training Wings

This wing trait is rare. Training wings are less common but can be used to lighten possible fall damage a Snekket might endure.



Glider Wings

This wing trait is super rare. Glider wings are large and strong. They can be used to glide like a kite through the currents of the Pacaverse.



Wing Types explained -

Wing Types





In addition to the possibility of short flight, Snekkets have another set of helpful skills and powers.

Snekkets are natural retrievers meaning they collect and return items that their owners’ have lost. In the case of finding a fallen core, Snekket breath can extend vitality much longer than normal.






Snekket breath is hard to harvest, thus, most Pacapillars have opted to breed pet Snekkets instead.

Snekkets on their own become loyal to their caretakers but they can be trained further to become rescue companions and also mounts. Wild Snekkets will wrap Pacapillars with their tails and carry them while trained Snekkets can be ridden on the back.