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Harvest the Best!

Ends: 20 December 2023, 23:59:59 CST (2 months from now)

Draw a group of Pacapillars at the harvest festival! Make sure to check the description!


Autumn is here, which means it's time for the harvest festival! You go with a group of friends, show us what you do there!

  • Include at least four (4) pacapillars/snekkets (Each character included must have a different owner!)
    • Does not have to be your own! Check out #u-can-draw-my-pacapillar in our discord or click here for a list on-site if you wish to make gift art, or do not own a paca/snekket.
  • Entries must be completed by you OR be a collaboration with other members of the community. No commissioned art is allowed for this prompt.
  • Must show effort
    • We may decline an entry if we feel effort is not present.
  • Must be submitted on-site
  • Minmite and/or Whir bonuses can be applied to this prompt
    • You must own the prompt bonus add-on in question to recieve the bonus leaflets. Link your inventory in the comment of the submission to show proof of ownership. Do not attach them to your prompt through the inventory dropdown, this will remove them from your account permanently!
  • Can only be submitted one (1) time per season! This listing is for Autumn
  • 4 Pacapillars/Snekkets each with different owners
  • Colored
  • Shaded
  • Full background with depth
  • 600 words
  • Each character should have more than a passing reference


Reward Amount
Leaflets 400
Golden Berry 10

You can submit this prompt 1 time(s) per year .

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