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Harvest the Best!

Ends: 20 December 2022, 23:59:59 CST (1 week from now)

Draw a group of Pacapillars at the harvest festival! Make sure to check the description!


Autumn is here, which means it's time for the harvest festival! You go with a group of friends, show us what you do there!

  • Include at least four (4) pacapillars/snekkets (Each character included must have a different owner!)
    • Does not have to be your own! Check out #u-can-draw-my-pacapillar in our discord or click here for a list on-site if you wish to make gift art, or do not own a paca/snekket.
  • Entries must be completed by you OR be a collaboration with other members of the community. No commissioned art is allowed for this prompt.
  • Must show effort
    • We may decline an entry if we feel effort is not present.
  • Must be submitted on-site
  • Can only be submitted one (1) time per season! This listing is for Autumn
  • 4 Pacapillars/Snekkets each with different owners
  • Colored
  • Shaded
  • Full background with depth
  • 600 words
  • Each character should have more than a passing reference
  • None


Reward Amount
Leaflets 400
Golden Berry 10

You can submit this prompt 1 time(s) per year .

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