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Ends: 29 February 2024, 23:59:59 CST (12 hours from now)

What sort of pet awaits this month...?


Want a cool little creature to accompany your character? learn about our pet of the month and obtain it, too!
Submit art/writing of the pet of the month alongside your paca/snekket to obtain that pet! 


Our current pet of the month for February is... Rotund Cookie!

Small description:

Extended Description:

This lovable little pupper has carefully crafted its bow and arrow to compel the target of its affections once hit! Normally this tough little cookie asks for treats or belly rubs, but a more tenacious pet might request its owners core instead! Don't feed your Rotund Cookie too much, though, or it might just burst!

General Requirements
  • Include at least one (1) pacapillar/snekket
    • Does not have to be your own! Check out #u-can-draw-my-pacapillar in our discord or click here for a list on-site if you wish to make gift art, or do not own a paca/snekket.
  • Must incorporate at least one (1) element from the pet's characteristics.
  • You can commission someone for this prompt!
  • Crafting submissions can be created for this prompt!
  • Must show effort
    • We may decline an entry if we feel effort is not present.
  • Must be submitted on-site
  • Fill out appropriate criteria when submitting
    • Use "Art" for any drawing or craft submissions, and "Writing" for any stories, poetry, and other similar pieces.
  • Can only be submitted one (1) time per month
Drawing Requirements
  • Fullbody
  • Colored
Writing Requirements
  • 400 words
  • Background Bonus: 1500 Leaflets
  • 700+ Words Bonus: 1500 leaflets


Reward Amount
Rotund Cookie 1
Golden Berry 1


You can submit this prompt 1 time(s) per month .

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