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Core Hunt!

Core Hunt!

Category: Event
Ends: 29 February 2024, 23:59:59 CST (10 hours from now)

Cores have been lost all over the place! We need to help find them!


Cores are forming, but oh no! The snekkets watching over them are overwhelmed and some have gone missing!
When a pair of pacapillars has a core, snekkets guard them safely until they form into a new pacapillar, but there has been too many cores forming, and the snekkets can't keep on top of it all! Lost cores are being found anywhere from gardens to coral reefs, can you help the snekkets get them all back? Depict a pacapillar or snekket looking for or finding a core!

NOTE: If you are unsure what a core looks like, you can see a reference HERE!

General Requirements
  • Include at least one (1) pacapillar/snekket
    • Does not have to be your own! Check out #u-can-draw-my-pacapillar in our discord or click here for a list on-site if you wish to make gift art, or do not own a paca/snekket.
  • You can commission someone for this prompt!
  • Crafting submissions can be created for this prompt!
  • Must show effort
    • We may decline an entry if we feel effort is not present.
  • Must be submitted on-site
  • Fill out appropriate criteria when submitting
    • Use "Art" for any drawing or craft submissions, and "Writing" for any stories, poetry, and other similar pieces.
  • Can only be submitted one (1) time per year
Drawing Requirements
  • Fullbody
  • Colored
  • Full background with depth (Complex Background)
  • Depicts a Core
Writing Requirements
  • 1000 words
  • Mentions a Core


Reward Amount
Leaflets 2500
Golden Berry 5
Pip 1


You can submit this prompt 1 time(s) per year .

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