[Open] Frankenpaca August '22 Auction

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Auction: G-1717[Open]
Design: WildWildWyrd ・ Art: WildWildWyrd
Starting Bid: $30
Minimum Increment: $1
Auction ends in 24 hours

Amounts listed are in GB, bidding with the leaflet equivalent is also allowed (1GB = 60LF)


♦ By purchasing a Pacapillar design, you are agreeing with our Terms of Service 
Please do not delete or edit your bids (with one exception: if you accidentally made a bid outside of the bid chain or replied to the wrong comment). 
♦ Please do not bid if you do not currently have the funds. Dropping out will result in a 4 week ban from sales. Repeat offenders may be permanently banned from sales.
♦ The winner of the auction or sale will be contacted through Discord or deviantART to discuss payment details and file delivery.
♦ We reserve the right to deny a sale to a user for any reason. 
♦ Please be courteous to other people in the comments/bid chain. Rude behavior may result in being disqualified from the sale.

Payment Plans
Payment plans are not available for this sale.




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Wrong place

2022-08-15 14:16:54 (Edited 2022-08-15 14:17:17)

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Please Bid Here for Frankenpasta

2022-08-15 12:56:26 (Edited 2022-08-15 12:56:31)

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2022-08-15 14:17:27

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2022-08-15 15:29:29 (Edited 2022-08-16 12:00:11)

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