[Closed] Wrapped Candy [OTA]

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This baby has been reopened as an OTA (Offer To Adopt)! Please read what is being accepted for this listing closely before offering.

Offer in the parent featured comment below. Offers the designer is considering will be featured also, and this closes once an offer is decided on.


What Can I Offer?


Mixed offers are welcome! Money can also be used as an add-on to other offers!

  • Premade Pacapillars or Snekkets (Will consider any designer, however Nokkelborth, toripng, KurokiKumo and Skelefrog are most sought after!)
  • Other premade species characters (namely : Ranebopets, Maskimps, Scarfoxes, or Leech Monsters, however other species might be considered!)
  • Money (Minimum $80 for just the Snekket)
  • Pacapillars currency or items (as Add-On preferred) 
  • Art as Add-On only!  (Please provide a link to examples)

Matching Winged Pacapillar

  • Please note that this sketch is currently just a concept, things may be subject to changes!
  • The Pacapillar and Snekket will be a bound pair if offered on together, meaning they cannot be traded separately from one another.
  • Winner of OTA (if getting the winged also) may request small changes to the concept. Larger changes will require a larger base offer.

  • To offer on both the Snekket and Pacapillar, money offers must be at least $150
  • Unless doing a mixed offer, 2 characters will have to be offered for both the Paca and Snekket for a 1:1 tradeoff


♦ By purchasing a Pacapillar design, you are agreeing with our Terms of Service 
Please do not delete or edit your bids (with one exception: if you accidentally made a bid outside of the bid chain or replied to the wrong comment). 
♦ Please do not bid if you do not currently have the funds. Dropping out will result in a 4 week ban from sales. Repeat offenders may be permanently banned from sales.
♦ The winner of the auction or sale will be contacted through Discord or deviantART to discuss payment details and file delivery.
♦ We reserve the right to deny a sale to a user for any reason. 
♦ Please be courteous to other people in the comments/bid chain. Rude behavior may result in being disqualified from the sale.

Payment Plans
Payment plans are available for bids above $150 for this sale.
If you need a payment plan, a 30% minimum downpayment is required, while the rest of the payment must be completed within 4 weeks.




Echoklang Avatar
Echoklang Staff Member
Featured by Owner

Please offer here :3 ♡

2022-10-28 15:20:30 (Edited 2022-10-28 15:20:43)

MichaelaGlass Avatar
Featured by Owner

I can offer $230 for both on a short payment plan ^^
$100 up front and then the rest the week after!

2022-11-02 04:09:16 (Edited 2022-11-02 12:17:01)

Echoklang Avatar
Echoklang Staff Member

Hellu, thank you so so much for your offer, I would love to accept that! Please message me on Discord Echoklang#3899! :3

2022-11-02 14:18:56

Zoe-Underland Avatar

175$ in a payment plan, with 75$ upfront. and then 50$ every week till paid (so two weeks)

2022-10-29 19:51:25 (Edited 2022-11-02 12:17:06)

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