MYO Guide

Created: 27 June 2020, 20:18:37 CDT
Last updated: 19 September 2020, 13:48:39 CDT

How to make your MYO Pacapillar!

If you’re wondering how to create your own designed Pacapillar, here’s the guide for you.

Before getting started, be sure you have the proper items to start with. The item you’ll need primarily is a Mystery Core! However, if you already have an MYO slot on your account, you can skip to the Berries and Traits section ! Mystery Cores can be purchased for leaflets, the in-game currency, at Barrie’s Berry Shop. A Mystery Core alone will allow you to create a Pacapillar with Common traits. Traits can be found World > Encyclopedia > Traits and examples of such can be searched for and found in the Character Masterlist.


Redeeming Mystery Core


To make your Mystery Core usable as an MYO slot, go to your inventory and click it. You'll be able to see an "use" option! Clicking it will convert your core into a MYO slot to your name!

With just a Mystery Core, you’re able to choose any color or pattern for your Pacapillar as well as numerous textures and traits that differ from the base look of the species.

Berries and Traits

In order to get Rare traits, Super Rare Traits and other complicated traits, you have to buy berries. Each berry does something different so check out this combination chart to figure out what you can use according to each.


There are even some special berries that allow for transformations for your Pacapillar but we won’t dive into that quite yet.
If you’re looking for somewhere to start with designing your Pacapillar, here is a free to use base for this purpose! Link here! Bases are not required to use, it is simply here for your convenience!



When you have completed your design be sure to save or export a clear and preferably transparent image of your Pacapillar. Go to the Activity tab and click Design Approvals and submit a new request. In the request there are different fields for comments, images, add-ons (for item use), and traits. Each submission must include information for at least these following traits:

♣ Texture

♣ Cheek nubs

♣ Head feelers

Tail feelers


As well as any other traits they may have. We recommend you use a watermarked, small version of the art for our Masterlist. We recommend the height of the image does not exceed 500 pixels, but this will not affect the approval process.

A moderator will review your design and either approve or deny it. If approved, congrats! Your MYO Pacapillar is official. If denied, there will be some notes on the rejection and you will receive that message in your inbox. Make the appropriate changes and it will be all set to become official!

If you’re working on a design and would like our team to review it, please join our Discord server! We’d be happy to help you out in the process.